Ian Miles Cheong / Stillgray / SolInvictus / Little Hitler / Ian Miles Cheong Wen Xian / "Chungus" - Former SJW Nazi reddit mod banned for payola turned GG "ethical journalist"; Swatted Adam Warski


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Ian, you're famous!
(screenshots of tweets naming the wrong guy as the shooter again, 20 seconds in)
It says a whole lot that local news are a lot more honest than the mainstream media of today. Even the comments section in this video is a lot more aware than Ian’s reporting.

Good job, the question is whether Chungus should be extradited for framing this poor guy, or whether he should just go to prison in Malaysia, where he will die for being a homosexual.
If only he was Indonesian. I heard they’re into paddling, or caning. Speaking of which, the Middle East still beheads people, but they secretly love canes.
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Butcher Sacred Cows for they are Sacred.
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But I'm not mad at anyone.
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>Heard on the grape vine that a random black man in in Compton shot a couple of cops. Lemme post his full name and age so people don't have any trouble tracking him down.

Does this fool not remember Chris Dorner and how the LAPD went around shooting at random people while they were trying to hunt him down?
He was probably jerking off to it.