IP2 Ice Poseidon / Paul Denino - Insane Runescape streamer now doing Twitch IRL, always gets trolled/swatted, surrounded by thotties and junkies

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is this the cocksucker residence?

yeah it’s ice’s fault, he took the money but it’s also yall dumbasses fault. why would you give your money towards something you don’t know completely, nor did any research about. herd mentality is real out here. you give someone with a track sheet of scamming people online and fucking them over and you still thought that you could trust this man to hold your money and invest it on some cryptocurrency that happens to be fake. i bet this skinny mf is blowing it on panties for kim and signing up to her onlyfans :story:


Kwhality Khantent
Ice streamed other day with gary and mosesb. They went on a boat which was totally not a gay boat ride. Ice pretended to drink shots of vodka and def kinda was touching gary. Gary called him out on it. He seems like since Kim left he's clueless. Gary said he seems super thin I think he's like not eating.


Happy Holidays
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where does he meet these random girls?

She's going to love IP2...


[since Ice is banned on twitch he was not shown on her stream]

it is kinda messed up for Kim. She wished him a happy birthday on twitter. and this dude moved on like that. usually women are the cruel ones like that lol - YOBAtterknowineedTTS

Dating another girl who it just so happens is trying to launch her streaming career? Must be Stepping-Stone Poseidon
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>A lot of people in Ice Poeseidons chat are so fucking toxic, it just baffles me how they still stand on Twitch. I'm sure you all have heard of Zebsters and Bikers____Cx. Seems like Twitch is doing nothing about getting this toxic group of people out of our community. All the racist jokes in his stream too. That's the only thing I've seen in this community as of late are all the new racist jokes and just total fucked up things they say.

Comment in response to the Twitch Creator Satisfaction Survey in 2016.

Also, people in this thread would REALLY benefit from finding the Insert as Thumbnail button. Fucking phoneposting queers.

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