IP2 Ice Poseidon / Paul Denino - Insane Runescape streamer now doing Twitch IRL, always gets trolled/swatted, surrounded by thotties and junkies

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Just why, man?
Sep 20, 2020
Fuck this scumbag, fucking retard is one scam away from getting seriously fucked up by some apoplectic paypig. Though if they had the sense to do that they wouldn't have given this faggot money in the first place. [IP2]


Jul 18, 2021

New ice interview
  • Laughs his ass off when asked about CX Coin (dupers delight btw)
  • Calls CX Coin investors idiots
  • Claims he told people not to buy CX Coin (I told them not to buy btw)
  • Lies about how much he stole (he made millions)
  • Avoids answering why he scrubbed his Discord
  • Avoids answering why he ghosted his CX Coin Discord (73 days now btw)
  • Says he's never streaming again (he's a coder now btw)


Jan 20, 2022
damn, too blind to see, his whole script was to come up with the perfect scam in the 1st place, that was the point of having a different title for each stream, dabble here, dabble there, plenty of non-fish steady biting the hook, I wouldve took advantage too, if I was him, but I'm a true anarchist, y'all never mind lil ol me


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Jul 25, 2020
Janny from ip2 speaks out about the new coffezilla exposé
numerous mods have been in dm's with him for months.only reason it took so long was because the NELK exposed investigation ended up being a whole 7 vid series. and we had to stay silent not to tip piss boi off

also before piss boi knew for sure that coffee was going to for sure do a vid on him, he was in muta's (someordinarygamers) and coffees dm's gaslighting them saying it was all made up bs from ip2 a racist community full of swatters. luckily they didnt believe that lying faggot - u/FreeMaxB [ip2]

This explains why that muta video never came out..

Ice said he was joking saying it wasn't scam to Coffeezilla before he gave up and told them the truth
Mutahar aka SomeOrdinaryGamer is going to drop another video on this tomorrow.
discord jannies panicking
Keemstar dabbing on Ice

Everything is coming up Ip2
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i did because i was asked to
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Jan 13, 2016
The fact he gave the wrong wallet address to Coffezilla when pressed on as a form of ''look dude im legit'' is hilarious. He's so transparently scammy that how anyone fell for his shit is beyond me. Legit, one look at the dude and you know he's an internet rat.