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Kari Kamiya

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I haven't checked, is MrRepzion still a thing, or has he faded into obscurity at this point? He and Onision used to butt heads (unless it was all just one-sided), so there could be something on him as well, but if he's irrelevant now, then whatever.

I never knew about Ricegum until Content Cop, but that's a good thing just going by the clips... He's an obnoxiously annoying sped.
I didn't actually know who ricegum was either. I know that multiple people were asking it on the idubbbz reddit, followed by people saying "lol fuck off". But it seems ricegum is pretty upset that Ian did a content cop on him, despite asking for it.

These are rices terrible responses:

Knowing that ricegum would respond, Ian saved some extra stuff for a content deputy and finishing off that "investigation" skit:



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I didn't watch Rice's replies, the Content Deputy was enough.

Honestly, I don't know if he really is a marble-mouthed dullard with no idea of concept or learning comprehension... All I know is that he gets annoyingly hyper like Joy Sparkle.