Snowflake "Idubbbz's Girlfriend"/ Anisa Jomha / @anisajomha & iDubbbz/Ian Carter/Ian Washburn/Content Cop - Anisa posting nudes on OnlyFans and romancing Chris Ray Gun while iDubbbz the Content Cuck/Simp/etc. watches.


Bigger are better
How can someone be so boring? Her material is like early 2000 stuff. Jesus Christ, fucking Momokun releases more interesting stuff, and she's a literal biohazard!
I'm reminded of that girl with the big breasts that just danced in form fitting clothing without a bra on. No nudity or anything, but damn, she knew how to move her body.
I really wish chicks would stop pulling their panties up to their ribcage. They think it somehow makes their hips look better, but every time I see it, it just makes me this of this:
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And Anisa's got such a weird, stumpy torso that it makes it even worse.
If I remember correctly, it can also help cause yeast infections. Gotta let that shit breath. Loose fitting clothing.
Anybody else thinking ian’s just into voyeurism at this point?
I've said it before and will say it again, I think he is a victim in this. The leaks of Anisa being his first sex partner and first girlfriend probably made him at least somewhat emotionally dependant on her. And for someone who was alone, to return to loneliness is probably a terrifying prospect.


Anybody else thinking ian’s just into voyeurism at this point?
It could also be some sort of power thing: He gets off on the idea, that thousands of guys are lusting after his girl, but only he's the one that actually gets to fuck her at the end of the day.
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Bigger are better
How long can the hands-obnoxiously-hovering-over-nipples pose go on for until she gets more creative about it/her pathetic fans ask for more?
Look at delphine. She makes hand over first and her "nudes" are always censored. Hand hovering, white bar or black bar and you see nothing. The big difference is that Belle is cute. Anisa is that kinda chick who is "mom hot". The 25 year old with 2 kids and still tries to find a new dad for her kids at the bar. I wanna know "how long till" certain stages. Like Onision went from "will never do nude and want to challenge the ideas of attraction with "artful" trash" or whatever his quote was, to throating his wifes dildo and fucking himself in the ass with one in like 3 or 4 months.

She simply doesn't want to come out and say "I love money, and I need male attention to validate me. The attention my boyfriend gives me is not enough because I have low self worth". She had a way better body before she gained weight and got fake tits. Her only fans would have done better, so either in her mind she is only worthy of selling nudes if she has big tits or Ian has been unaccepting of her body type. And part? Like here babe, you're only worth gifting half a tit. Rest is out of pocket. Weird ass relationship.

She always tries to change her story. Now she's saying she's always been a titty streamer? Despite saying she only did it to troll bait and how demeaning it was and how she hated it. Now she loved it? She forget she made a video and articles about quitting it and how harmful it was to the industry of female streamers and gamers? Not to mention Ian tried to get her to stop titty streaming, but then is totally cool with her selling lewds? And sorry for the long rant, but how can you say "I'm doing this for you dad" when tame titty streaming was unacceptable and she got in trouble when her dad found out? She's simply using her dad as an excuse for only fans which is frankly disgusting. Which brings me back to my original point, just say why you did it. Don't pretend it was for your dad, cause it wasn't.
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Ian dropped a new vid the other day. It's about as good as any of his other filler videos. He's kind of rambling on, something about being too insecure to talk about music because people call him a gay faggot for liking Shakira. He also shaves his gross mustache, fellates corn, and hikes his pants up his skinny-fat ass crack on TikTok while "ironically" calling himself thicc (it really reminds me of Pear's twerk vids except his vid is a joke and he's not trying. I'm sure there's a joke to be made). It won't *elicit a legitimate laugh though, but more of an "ew creepy" skin crawling response. Spared you the watch. :feels:

It's not important, it's a giant Raycon advertisement and he says you guys should use your Trumpbux to buy some using his referral link.

What is important is that at the end he mentions that the new documentary is coming out soon. Dane, a guys who edits for Ian (not sure if full time because I really don't care much on that front), had said on Twitter 2 days ago that he's been "plowing it out" and that it's "99% done". They've been prioritizing the doc and it's coming out soon allegedly.

Here's the first doc if you haven't seen it:
It's basically him trying desperately to get Fatty and his sociopathic autist friend to fight each other for his own amusement. The doc was Ian and co. just cow-tipping a bunch of actual autistic guys for lulz. I actually really like this one because it's shock schlock and is expected of Idubbbz honestly. Just shameless cunty behavior.

However, considering how he handled his own drama, Anisa's recent whining about cancel culture now that she can't use Ian as meat shield anymore to deflect the criticisms lobbed at her and her shit content/character, and the fact literally everyone is being "me too"ed and cancelled, I don't know how well the doc will be received if he goes the exploitative Fatty route.

I also don't know who it'll be on.

In the most recent Raycon ad, he has an out of place "mukbanger" segment. A dream collab would be him and ALR being people of wommart for an hour. We can't expect such juicy crossovers from Idubbbz though :(

Edit: because I don't always proof my posts
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“My partner” “my partner” “my partner” ad nauseam

Why can’t she call him by his name or her boyfriend?

Literal lowest form of bait to whisper to the camera and call all people who find her actions reprehensible “incels”
Where I'm from (life-)partner is used in serious long-term relationships between adults and boyfriend/girlfriend is generally associated with teens.

Since they both are (technically) grown-ass adults I would find it weird if they'd call each other boyfriend and girlfriend like some high school sweethearts.