Snowflake "Idubbbz's Girlfriend" / Anisa Jomha / @anisajomha & iDubbbz / Ian Carter / Ian Washburn / Content Cop - Anisa posting nudes on OnlyFans and romancing Chris Ray Gun while iDubbbz the Content Cuck/Simp/etc. watches



I wonder what trail she is on. I used to walk tge woods in edmonton frequently and it looks like they went off the regular path to take these shots. The way she is always looking up the same direction makes me think they are either just off the path, or, it's in millcreek ravine and there are houses along it.


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I think that may be the most ridiculous photo I've seen so far. The crap spilling out of the case behind her, the dirty carpet, the shitty bat tattoo, the red lace randomly tied around her waist, the emoji guarding her botched nipple, the pose, and those fucking boots.

I guess she got tired of people making fun of her for badly disguising the remote trigger, but it was still better than awkwardly holding the phone for an attempted "sultry" mirror shot like that one.

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