Snowflake "Idubbbz's Girlfriend"/ Anisa Jomha / @anisajomha & iDubbbz/Ian Carter/Ian Washburn/Content Cop - Anisa posting nudes on OnlyFans and romancing Chris Ray Gun while iDubbbz the Content Cuck/Simp/etc. watches.

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Haven't watched it yet, but going to leave this here:

It's titled "sex workers - idubbbz complains" lol

EDIT: the video focuses more on Anisa being an e-thot and hyperfocuses on a few people from Twitter/YT, yet it ignores the larger issue involving Anisa and iDubbbz. He bows out as the simp/cuck king while admitting that he just doesn't care
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So, to recap what he said in the video: He's OK with women being sluts, and he's OK with people jacking off to pictures of his GF, and if you don't like that then your opinion is shitty and you can go idolize someone else.

He essentially shat on half of his fanbase, and confirmed he is a simp/cuck in the eyes of the Internet. This will surely cause a divide in his audience.


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Pretty obnoxious video. So one, he claims it's sex work which is a pretty aggressive feminist point. I've never heard him refer to it as such either in the past, even if he didn't bash it, he never referred cam whoring to sex work. 99% don't refer to e-whoring as sex work, as it's an insult to actual, you know, sex work. Either he's an idiot or his GF has him completely whipped.

He also makes several dumb takes based on Atozy's video. One is that it won't affect future jobs. I can't say I know a lot of business owners that would ever hire someone who has had an only fans, considering that it shows a lack of self-respect and dignity. It also reflects badly on the company itself if clients find out. He claims this is an argument "lacking of real life experience". No, it's a completely valid argument and something that should concern him. I can say this with 100% guarantee based on my own career.

He also makes various dumb takes to make it seem like all the criticism came from salty people. He also never raises the fact that a lot of his fans were more concerned about the fact that Anisa clearly has no respect for him.

So he's doubling down and trying to save face. Anyone who has actually read on the topic will see through the BS. Gonna be a fun time seeing the ratios on the video over this.


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For real though, I don't know what he expected. It's not a matter of whether or not he's comfortable being a relationship with an internet whore, it's that he's in a relationship with an internet whore but also wants to be liked. That's really not going to happen.

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He says that revealing he's OK with sex work is the most intelligent thing he's ever done.

Bonus points for posting uncensored tweets from fans who called him out for being a cuck.
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lol dude edited shit to make it seem like he's okay with it, but his gf was the one who told Zoie Burgher and Celestia Vega that he wasn't okay with her hanging with them, because they were whoring on YT. Either he's a huge hypocrite, or his gf has added to the reasons of why nobody likes her

This is the death spiral so many great internet titans fall into. Fans criticize some perceived personal flaw, creator gets mad and makes a video to “own da haters” and just gets shit on even more as a result, which leads to even more Mad At The Internet behavior. Maybe Idubbbz is the one smart enough to course correct, but not looking great.

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So within watching the video, the man's pretty much ok with sex work and makes a very shitty point in the aspect that sex work doesn't really affect any future career opportunities as well as your appearance when you're trying to get a job. That the idea of someone getting rejected a job for something they did in the past is stupid even though they are qualified for that job anyway. I say that's fucking bullshit because you want someone to have not only their best interest but someone who is representative of all the good qualities of a good worker. You would never hire degenerates or someone that claims that wearing blue hair to an important office meeting is considered mature. This shows how much Idubbbz lacks knowledge about the workplace as well as business standards and maturity standards.

Welp. He stuck to his guns at least ("I love my girlfriend. I'm totally fine with dudes jacking off to her on the internet." is a line that eclipses the sank-titty of memes.). He's ultimately loyal to his disloyal girlfriend.