If a guy was dating a girl, and then she became Gender Non-Binary, is the guy now gay? -


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I’ve actually asked about this, and short answer, apparently not. Apparently sexual orientation is more about presentation than actual gender. Ergo, traps are not gay.


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Thats not gay... You dicked her so good that she didnt need cock anymore.
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OP, your 'friend' should take one for team Guys in the gender wars, and frame the inverted troon for rape-by-strapon. It'll work, I saw so on an episode of Law&Order, plus you can use it as a unique launching pad into a lucrative mgtow ecareer!

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I'm going to submit this question to every "Dear Abby" relationship hack writer across this country.


Recipe for trouble. That guy should run a mile from her and never look back. They're always self-centered, painful to be around, and think cutting their hair short and dying it blue makes them unique.

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Yes, if you are dumb or desperate enough to put up with your female partner trooning out, you are a faggot.