If a Straight woman suddenly grew penis


Feb 28, 2019
To answer this question, Half male Half Female people and living thingss do exist, theres Clams, Clownfish and Morray Eels. In fact, anybody can get a medical gender change, Chris Chan is a notable example of a man that changed his gender. Anybody can be born transexual. (like a man with a vagina, or a woman with a penis) These are called Hermaphrodites.
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Basketball Jones

Apr 10, 2018
Hello. A question I have been wondering about recently. What if a straight woman suddenly grew a penis? What would she do? Would she remain still attracted to men, and attempt to SLAM her penis into the ANUS of a MAN??? Or would the penis take over her mind and convince the woman to have sex with another womans vagina? Or the anus of a woman??? If the woman started off straight, but grew penis, which would she do?

The woman is walking down the street one day. Suddenly she grew penis. "Whoah!" The woman screams. A man approaches. It is Trent. "Whats up? Is everything okay?" Trent says. "I notice that you have anus..." The woman says. "Indeed I do have anus." Trent says. The woman tackles Trent to the ground and pulls down Trents trousers. "TIME FOR ANUS!" The woman screams and then quickly slams her penis into the anus of a man named Trent.

Oh good, you’re back! I missed you, friend. :)

I would cum on my neighbors’ car door handle and door knob. And of course I would find the ANUS of a man named Trent.


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Jun 21, 2017
I like reading your posts when I'm high.
Anyway, I'm guessing she'd still be straight.
The real question is: would she troon?