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If a tree falls in a forest

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by chocolate honky, Mar 4, 2018.

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    1. and no one is around, what in hell happens?
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    2. The ecosystem will carry on as it always has. The death of the tree will bring new life as the tree breaks down, fertilizing the earth feeding other forms of plant life.

      Here is a page talking about the life stages of trees if you're so interested.
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    3. ^Most likely better off with no one around to hear it fall.
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    4. If a lolcow spergs out and no one is there to hear it, does he get a thread
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    5. Never sperged before how bout you?
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    6. I just lost a tree and... it was strange it was silent.

      I have a sliding glass door attached to my kitchen, I was cooking eggs for breakfast the tree is right out back. I heard nothing.

      It slammed into the forest too.
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    7. That's what happens when you cook eggs.
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    8. In a general sense there will always be an organism around to hear the tree fall. That is their own personal story.

      We ain't the only slide show around.

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      Piss Clam

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    9. No we are not the only slide show around and we wont be the last. We are just a species of continual bad reruns.
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    10. If a tree falls it's dead and goes to one of the Pagan afterlives depending on where the tree lived.
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    11. Sound as a physical phenomenon exists regardless of whether there is an observer present or not. The falling tree will in all likelihood manifest such a phenomenon.

      Sound as a physiological sensation only exists when there is someone to hear it. These sounds are not directly produced by the fall of the tree, they occur as an effect of a mind in result to the subjective sensory observation of the above-mentioned physical phenomenon. Every listener experiences a different sensation, and should there be none present capable of observing the physical phenomenon there will be no physiological sensations to speak of.

      The whole confusion about whether a falling tree produces a sound stems from the equivocation of these two distinct and wildly different concepts, and from how they diverge in the aforementioned scenario. This confusion only exists in your mind, brought forth by the ambiguity of the language.
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    12. Sound is an illusion to start with, boyo.
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    13. Particles move around. Energy is transferred from one state to another. Life goes on.
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    14. It makes a sound
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    15. if a man sneezes and no one is around to say god bless you, does he die?

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    16. It matters not for the tree has fallen.
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    17. One less tree to explode when Ness kills it.
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    18. People keep asking this question and I’m like, just find a tree that’s about to fall and leave a tape recorder there. It’s not hard.

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    19. scorptatious

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