If all the black people in the world disappeared suddenly, will it be a better/worse place? -


Oh yeah you can feel the edge in the question. But seriously though, just about every ethnicity has some part to play in improving the life of the common man, be it in medicine, STEM or culturally. But I can't think of a way the black populace in both western and non-western countries improve things (at least more than they take).
Am I just uninformed in the contribution of black people?


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Sports would look a lot worse like they did 70 years ago. But, sports have been dead for 3 months now, so nothing I guess.

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Get rid of American black culture.

I used to wonder why I found blacks annoying yet I have so many black friends and eventually it dawned on me: my buddies either grew up in a good, ghetto-free home or are straight up from Africa (usually Ethiopia).

A chunk of American blacks are so obsessed with the idea of being perpetually stuck in a shit life. Anyone that tries to get out of the community is dubbed a race traitor or a uncle tom, yet those who do leave the community to better themselves tend to succeed and do well for themselves.

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All of the self-loathing whites left behind would be convinced that President Trump did this and would ruin it for the rest of us.

Can we keep some black people? Not all of them are bad. I'll trade a few thousand black people for every Chinese person.