If communism always fails because it doesn't properly account for human nature, is liberal democracy doomed to fail too?


Mar 19, 2019
I would argue that liberal democracy is universally doomed to failure, but has one of the longest expiration dates of any governing system. Monarchies have an expiration date based solely on the likelihood of a ruler being a bad ruler as a single bad ruler can dick everything up royally, pun intended. Liberal democracies decay over time due to the expansion of suffrage. Originally, in the United States, only white, male, land-owners over the age of 26 were permitted to vote. The expansion of the vote led to different policies.

The ultimate downfall of the United States was writ in stone in 1920 when suffrage was expanded to the lesser sex. A liberal democracy will do well so long as the voters are heavily invested in the society they're governing. As time progresses, however, it will always be in the immediate political interest of one group to expand voting rights, as the new demographic is likely to favor them. Just how anti-gun democrats are pushing for a voting age of 16 in some states in the USA. Once a group is provided the vote, it becomes near impossible to remove the vote from them, as doing so will, universally, be a democratically unpopular idea. And as this temptation to expand suffrage exists constantly, by definition, in the political system.... all it takes is one or two instances where the opposition succeeds in passing it to radically alter the political landscape of the nation.

Eventually, suffrage will expand to the point that reasonable discourse becomes and absurdity, and the democracy will begin to fall apart under the numerous directions various interest groups pull. Politics becomes a shouting match, and all useful dialogue and bipartisanship ceases.

Every liberal democracy in history, that I am aware of, has followed this path, and it tends to take around 300 years, though there are significant exceptions.

That said, I do think it would be reasonable to create a longer-lasting democratic state if suffrage were restricted to a form of service. "Service Guarantees Citizenship" and all that, if writ int he constitution of the nation as an immutable aspect of that nation, might be able to see a significant extension in the lifespan of your democratic state.

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Feb 19, 2018
Remember the scene in the Matrix where agent Smith says that humans were given a perfect world? And agent Smith said that it failed because human beings define their existence through pain and suffering and that we were like a virus?

He wasn't wrong. Humans ultimately want what is best for them and their own tribe, so a world-wide democracy just isn't feasible. Also, the consumeristic nature of sustained globalized capitalism that would likely go hand-in-hand with said democracy would likely very quickly deplete all our natural resources.