If Elliot Rodger trooned out and became Ellen Rodger, would he have lost his virginity?

Save the Loli

Jul 1, 2017
Let's say Elliot Rodger came out as trans and became Ellen Rodger. Would his status as a stunning and brave transwoman have been able to get into the sorority with all the blonde Stacies? Would he have scored? Would Ellen Rodger have become a face of trans activism, or would he (she) still end up with a Kiwifarms thread?

Product Placement

Dec 1, 2020
the fact u even know who this nigga is tells me everything i need to know
But you also know who he is

Who is this nigga?
Christian XXX, a lolcow who does tranny porn after he failed in normal porn. Was a meme on 4chan for a while and rumors he raped a tranny called Sue Lightning which caused Sue to quit porn and become a twitch whore instead. Other rumors he has aids.

Named in the op of the porncow thread

Also found this, seems Troons metooed him. No idea if it worked