If Kyle Rittenhouse is found guilty how much do you think he's going to be sexually violated by blacks? - Probably a lot

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how much will kyle get blacked?

  • a lot

    Votes: 17 42.5%
  • just the normal amount

    Votes: 23 57.5%

  • Total voters

Ita Mori

⚜Party With Crooks⚜
May 2, 2020
Faggotry is mostly a white people thing, so if anything he's going pimped out by the black guerilla family and sodomized by Cletus.
Plus he killed Jews, NOA niggers might even make him an honorary light-skin.


Apr 17, 2020
Since the enactment of PREA and the fact that most state prisons are direct-observation units (meaning the block boss is in there running all the convicts and doing 30 minute security checks, running showers while manning the doors, etc.) prison rape is really not that prevalent. It definitely happens sometimes, in some places...mainly in the for-profit private prisons, which are more often than not run incredibly poorly and have terrifying lack of staff/turnover/hiring policies...but none of the state units I worked at had a reported sexual assault in 10 years. I'm sure a few happened here and there, but it isn't something that just happens every fucking day. Prison is nothing like it is on TV. Most of the convicts down here in the south where we still have legitimate penal farms are too busy getting their black asses worked hoeing and picking in the fucking fields all day to have the energy to go buttfuck them a whiteboy when they go back to the house in the evening.


You know I had to do it to em....
True & Honest Fan
Jun 20, 2016
About six inches deeply, why do you ask?
Twenty inches deep is the required depth to semenally 'cleanse' Yakub's albino hell spawn, my BIPOC brutha......