If trans ideology finally ends, what would happen to troons? - Assuming they don't 41%.

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Jul 13, 2019
From my personal experiences there's like a few people here and there that do a good job of consolidating a normal life, and can pull of that androgynous chimera both men and women want to sleep with, just people that take care of themselves. But with a lot mental illness and disorders HRT and TRT are not the magic bullet for F to M or M to F. If a guy is suffering from depression, and gyno tits. His hormone imbalance may actually be from a lack of testosterone not an abundance from it, and may actually be healthier going through TRT than HRT. But people are just to quick to "welcome" someone that may choose irreversible surgery rather than explore the options available.

I'm a bit of an optimist, and I think we'll better understand how to properly handle people with actual gender dysmorphia, or if they have a plethora of other mental handicaps

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Jul 22, 2020
Was about to post a similar thread so I'll just piggyback this one.

I was browsing the Jim Sterling thread and had a thought. If the general opinion on troons swapped today, what happens to celebs and ecelebs who made a big show out of trooning out? Specifically their reputations, will it doom them forever? Presumably since they are all trooning for clout they would untransition, but would they ever be able to move on? Imagine having years of "IM LITERALLY A WOMAN BECAUSE I PUT ON THIS WIG AND YOURE A NAZI IF YOUR DISAGREE" in your content. Is it possible to just move on from that like it never happened? Or maybe people's memories really are short enough to just forget that shit.
This is exactly what I worried about a lot. Imagine making your career and a big deal with being true and honest opposite sex and then one day you realise that being a troon is not the way to go? How would they even back off? If people are not memory holed - they'd go like... Sure, what the fuck are you supposed to be?

The Matrix made me thought of this, the recent sequel is written as a troonism dogwhistle and they retconned the Matrix to be about troon allegory. Imagine one day the Wachowski detrooned because it stopped being fun... And says "The matrix is actually transgenderism, we need to wake up from it"... And here we goes again

Do these people even have enough remorse and accountability to own things they've been saying, and how much they've been harassing others over it when there's no clout to gain anymore?


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Feb 15, 2020
I don't think the gender doctors are going to face any direct blowback. There might be one or two who get scapegoated, but the consent forms the patients fill out basically say "all this shit is experimental and can go horribly wrong and you have to be okay with that if you want this treatment". The doctors can say they were following current medical standards and had properly warned their patients.

I'm hopeful that there might be some changes made to the law in an attempt to avoid similar things in the future. I have no idea what those changes would look like, but I know that schools should not be allowed to go behind parents' backs the way they are and teach straight-up propaganda. Kids shouldn't be getting radical cosmetic surgery.

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Aug 15, 2016
The failures of trannydom are the failures of The Narrative so you’re never going to see a mea culpa from anyone on this. Any class action lawsuits will get tossed out by a judge before it ever gets anywhere. At the very best, they will stop talking about it, preferring the new bit of social degeneracy. It’s what happened to the LGBs: they are ignored at best. Most trannies will just detransition and will do it quietly for fear of going against The Narrative, which will always be pro-tranny, even if they don’t like to talk about it anymore (see: LGBs). The ones who permanently disfigure themselves will try to get plastic surgery to attempt to get back what they lose, those who can’t afford it or went too far will likely kill themselves. It will just be treated as a phase like going goth in the mid 90s. There will be no pushback, it’ll just fade away as people chase the latest awful trend.


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Feb 4, 2018
The Tang dynasty faced a similar crisis. Buddhist monasteries became insanely popular and millions of people were signing up. They stopped paying taxes and stop having kids. The Tang cracked down on Buddhism and embraced Taoism and Confucianism.

Western States will realize that they need young people and that immigrants cannot fully replace them. I can see it's simmering in the background forever but it will probably stop being a trend.

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Dec 18, 2019
Depends on what sort of troon you mean.

The young children/teens or autists that were groomed into it? The public will most likely view them with pity more than anything else, the same way we view those who were lobotomized. There may be charities with the goal of providing corrective surgeries and psychiatric help to those people. Despite this, there'll most likely still be a lot of suicides in this group due to the realization of what's happened to their bodies settling in, since even those who didn't commit to the full genital mutilation will be left infertile with bodies that repulse both man and woman alike.
There may be apologies from individual politicians or celebrities who helped push these policies who genuinely feel remorse for their actions, but the vast majority will likely try to sweep it under the rug or pretend they were against trannies all along, just like how the homophobic/racist public figures of yesteryear are now acting like they've always supported the gays/blacks. The Democrats as a group won't apologize as to do so would be too severe a blow to the progressive narrative, and the Republicans as a group won't apologize as they'd see it as not being their fault and blame the Democrats instead.

However, I doubt any sympathy would be felt for the AGPs, and especially for the vocal "trans activists". Expect these people to either try to silently slip under the radar or neck themselves if that's not possible. I'd also expect civil suits targeting the trans activists from those who were groomed into trooning out. There's also the very real possibility of targeted attacks against these individuals either by those they groomed into becoming trans, or those who had loved ones who were groomed into it.


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Nov 5, 2020
Assuming the world doesn't collapse and the western democracy regains it's sense and self corrects it's problem's. Lawsuits are a coming. "did you get pushed by bad therapists or did you irresponsibly get pushed Spiro by a bad Doctor. You may be entitled to legal compensation. Call Stein, shulzch, and shyster for details on how you can get your money now."


Oct 27, 2017
Well, this article talks about the history of the use of cross sex hormones and it states that they were first used in the 60s and rose in popularity in the 90s.

I'm assuming that there are plenty of people that have been on hormones for a long time since any of those eras, which are in nursing homes or in care that have dementia and continuously freak out...
Werent hormones used for chemical castration of gay man? Many killed themselves including that Enigma guy