If transgender’s could actually scientifically change their gender, would you be willing to date them? -

Would you date such a person?

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Jacob Harrison

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Most heterosexuals are not attracted by transgenders who claim to be the opposite sex because they don’t have enough physiological traits of the opposite sex.

However, in another thread, I proposed an idea that scientists develop the surgical technology to have men and women with gender dysphoria to trade brains with the brain of a biological male going in a female body and the brain of a biological female going into a male body. They will be true transgenders.

If such technology is invented, would you be willing to date such transgenders if their brains are in a body that attracts you?


Ooh good comeback... Moron
I proposed an idea that scientists develop the surgical technology to have men and women with gender dysphoria to trade brains with the brain of a biological male going in a female body and the brain of a biological female going into a male body.
Never work. Most troons are MTF. The ratio wouldn't allow it.

EDIT: Also a lot of them seem to get off on passing poorly and using public shaming to force people to pretend to see them differently. Most don't want this.


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If you could change gender on a physical level, it wouldn't change years of socialisation and life experience that will still render them with their original gender in terms of their personality, Female to male troons are still timid pussy's even after dressing up as a bloke and you sometimes find those hilarious videos of male to female troons dropping the facade along with any pretence of feminine or lady like behaviour and getting very aggressive when they do not get their own way.


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Physically actually makes it easier, but the problem is you still have mentally fucked up individuals who are just desperate for a go at being exceptional, I'm sure their's a few transgenders out there that not only pass but actually are very normal people, if I ever met such a individual, I don't think I would automatically rule it out, but it certainly would still not be a positive in my book, maybe if I became really close friends with such a person, and really liked them. But lets face it, 99.9% of cases are nonono uncanny valley.


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so literally a woman who has had her brain ripped out of her skull and a man's brain transplanted into it instead? sounds really fucking creepy and scary tbh, i think i'll pass
What we really need is like an obedient and trained golden retrievers brain implanted in a hot woman's body. That would be the perfect girlfriend.


They'd still have the body of a man. That's why it's so off-putting for a straight guy in the first place. The size of feet and hands alone are subconsciously unnerving. The "uncanny valley" exists for a reason, because our eyes have gone through a fuckton of staring at human faces and body types and notice even the smallest of irregularities. Silicone tits even on real women manage to turn off men. At one point women with some manly features still had good chances of getting a date, though, since the concept of a MtF wasn't so wide-spread, but now I wouldn't take my chances on those ladies because the "I didn't tell I was trans to my date"-story is so not fucking funny, especially if you're dating with the aim of someday having kids.

Until you can switch a person's sex like they never were the other in the first place and also do such a miraculous job that the body's not horribly scarred from it, sure. But as hypothetical scenarios go, that's not going to happen. That kind of plotline is more likely to happen in comic books, and the writers of even those would be terrified of drawing a woman or a tranny feminine-looking anymore.


I would consider it, but then again the FtM's so far have "seemed" to be more mentally stable and I don't have an eye to reproduction and what I would expect would be trans parenting issues.

I'd chalk it up alongside other baggage; not a deal breaker, we've all got quirks after all but certainly a factor to carefully consider from the mental health angle.

Even if they could I would still say it would be unlikely I would though; I dont generally get on well with other LGBT since despite being a raging faggot I'm not an antifa tumblrina.


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Gender is your mental identity, not your biological one. If we could change that, we could just eliminate the male brain pattern entirely, thus eliminating all the world’s conflict.
Gender is your spirit animal. One is assigned to you at birth and if you ever betray it, everyone can read in your face that you killed your spirit animal, it's very sad.

As for OP.

Gender Dysphoria is probably a myth. But if it was perfectly possible, which I doubt it ever would be, I would be fine with it. Though with that level of medical technology we'd also have immortality.
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