If transgender’s could actually scientifically change their gender, would you be willing to date them? -

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Would you date such a person?

  • Yes

    Votes: 48 25.3%
  • No

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Mrs Paul

Yinzer Kiwi
I guess it depends on who it is and if I'm attracted to the person. Same as anyone.

Other than that, I've seen some trans people who pass, but from what I've seen of the results of bottom surgery on trans dudes, it doesn't look very pretty.
(Probably because it's easier to create an innie than an outie)

And quite honestly? Most of the trans people I've encountered aren't nearly as fucked up as the lolcows (cis and trans) that we talk about here. If the worst thing about you is being trans, well, I've encountered people with waaaaay scarier shit going on.

(Question -- has anyone here actually known any trans people, online, or IRL? The ones I've run across are pretty cool)

Your Weird Fetish

Intersectional fetishist
(Question -- has anyone here actually known any trans people, online, or IRL? The ones I've run across are pretty cool)
Online only. Never known one in real life unless they were closeted and I just didn't know. The ones online were 3/4ths varying degrees of fucked up. One was ok.


Fierce Black Autistic Lesbian
(Question -- has anyone here actually known any trans people, online, or IRL? The ones I've run across are pretty cool)

I've known a few; from RL gay coffee meets. I only know/knew one as a close-ish (spoke daily) friend. All bar one were MtF.

The ones in person I knew as acquaintances (3 MtF) were bona fide troons. The MtF's made a sort of effort to look female but lacking chest implants and some of the post-40's having very prominent square jaws it was very clear what they were and then way they dressed (like teenage girls) only emphasized their "otherness". They were basically indistinguishable from the La Zorra cows and shared many of the same concerns. The one deviation though was when it came to gender; it could be because they were all post-thirty but none of them agreed with non-binary/spaceship genders. They were female, and damn anyone who suggested they were something else or something else outside the male/female binary existed.

The only one I knew fairly well transitioned at eighteen and by the time we knew each other was twenty three and had fully transitioned. They didn't pass in person if you were sat across the table from them talking but to their credit they did go all out trying to present female; they were incredibly skilled at makeup and purposefully chose a sort of Japanese Gothic style that did make them look childish (their words) but did downplay most of their male features (lace turtle-neck choker hid and slimmed down their adams apple, a sort of bulky half crinoline thing made it look like they had hips etc). Walking down the road they would have passed.

The only "weird" thing about that one wasn't actually them being trans. They'd had an injury in early life that seemed to leave them with this bizarre fascination with lovecraftian horror (all the gore I think). They never explicitly said it, only ever alluded to it when talking about other stuff but some of the comments they made seemed to give the impression they thought of themselves as a Lovecraftian monster. I could never tell if it was being trans or just not liking themselves, since they were incredibly shy and introverted.

That to me seemed sad; they were a very kind and thoughtful person. They were also the only trans person I met in that scene who didn't really take pride in being trans the same way the others would openly talk about it and shyed away from kicking off about bathroom laws in the US the same the others would (and for this reason they seemed to be shunned by the other trans at the gatherings). We still talk sometimes, though they've got less time since they found a natal male boyfreind.

They know what I think about trannies from the local troons reeeeing about me (I refused to donate to their transition fund and when asked I explained why) but neither of us have ever brought it up.

Token Weeaboo

It's okay to cry
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Hmm... If we are talking about their version of Gender, then scientifically, they can be whatever they want...

If they could change their sex scientifically though- then no. That's like some next level trap stuff.

Magic Sun Daddy

Get on the ball, bitch.
No. Mainly because gender dysphoria is a neurological issue and I personally don't have the patience needed to deal with emotionally unstable people.

Never Scored

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If I legitimately couldn't tell I probably wouldn't care to be honest, however. I'm married with a family now, but when I was single I never would have considered a serious relationship with someone who couldn't have children, even if they were biologically female.

I also think most men who are open to dating MTF trans people now are turned on by the fact that those people are trans, so I think if we have the technology to sculpt whatever body into whatever gender we want, you're going to have a sizable number of people who are OK dating trans people now who are going to be more on the lookout for full on chicks with dicks as opposed to trans people who pass.

(Question -- has anyone here actually known any trans people, online, or IRL? The ones I've run across are pretty cool)

I knew two FTM and one who started as female but started taking hormones and going by "they" and using X as gender, and now looks like a husky 40 year old man. One of the FTM and the X were molested young. The other FTM grew up in government housing with a mother who did a bunch of drugs and had three different kids with three different men. This person is in their early teens and smokes weed and cuts his/her/whatever's wrists and is in a relationship with another FTM. I have never encountered a trans person online or in real life who is not completely nuts, though some of them have been nice people who I would have a beer with and easily be able to sit down and have a pleasant conversation and the fact that they are trans would never come up. But yeah, all the ones I've encountered have had mental issues stemming from fucked up childhoods. It's a bit hard not to connect the dots.
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Gorilla gorilla goes Gorillaz
If for all intents and purposes his body is the exact same as that of a cisgender man and he has a functional reproductive system, then I don't see why it would make a difference compared to a cis guy.


Depends on if they're uggos or actually attractive.

This is what matters more than gender.

Realize this, and achieve enlightment.

(Question -- has anyone here actually known any trans people, online, or IRL? The ones I've run across are pretty cool)

I know like two irl. Both of them are pretty much fine.

The ones I've had the misfortune of running into online are almost universally weirdos with fucked up fetishes they can't keep to themselves.

I don't know if it's just because I tend to run in different social circles irl than includes that sort of person, if people are better at hiding it irl, or if that kind of person just never goes outside.
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ScamL Likely

(Question -- has anyone here actually known any trans people, online, or IRL? The ones I've run across are pretty cool)
I met one who trooned out after a divorce, imagine a stocky, square-faced dude who started putting on makeup and wearing wigs in public. Pretty much everyone around laughed at him behind his back and saw him as a basketcase. From briefly talking to him, he seemed like he was trying way too hard to convince himself that he'd suddenly had some sort of life-altering epiphany.


The Lost Temple
Imo. We'll develop a pill that fixes the mental illness that causes this long before we have a series of surgeries that have a 100% perfect result of switching sex.

It'll be the death knell of the troon too, once they figure out the imbalance in the brain, design a drug, and have that as the first line of treatment. Hrt and surgery will become archaic and frowned upon just like lobotomies.

Stock Photo Hacker

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I believe in the gender spectrum (but think trans children/toddlers are unethical and should be left until they're older), and think of transwomen/transmen as their desired gender in general. Though dating? If it sounds like a decent idea at the time, maybe.

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