If you are a stoner, it's your fault and it's not healthy - You also look like a douche on facebook

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One of the most annoying effects of the internet on society has been the rise of furr- tran- drug users who claim that their lifestyle is totally healthy, beautiful and something to look up to. They call it Legalize It, or 420, and they refer to themselves as Tokers, or Stoners (no, really). These terrible people are well documented in the community watch thread about them (and please go there for specific drug users mocking, this is not what this thread is about).

It's not a surprise that such a movement would rise, though. Today 38% of Americans admit to smoking the Marijuana. More than one in 3 have done drugs and admit doing it. Millenials are the most pro-drugs generation to ever live on this earth, will die earlier than others and those on the tail end of Millenials/Generation Z kids might even die before their parents because of it. Since the 70s, the number of drug users in their 20s has almost quadrupled.

Now, I realize that the title might seem inflammatory, but it is the truth. Not only is it the truth, but by far the biggest health crisis the West is facing. To recap:

1. It is your fault.
2. It is unhealthy.
3. No one looks better high than they do at a normal state of mind.

Before getting into the thick of it, at the end of the day there is only, and will ever be only, one argument at most in defense of drugs:

"I live in a free capitalist society, my health decisions impact only me, so you'll take that joint out of my cold, dead, hands".

And it's true, but only to a certain extent. You can choose to use drugs, but this is only an ethical choice if you live in a society where everyone's tax dollars are not being leeched off of the rest of society in order to be funneled toward the extra healthcare that will be required to cure your litany of diseases that will afflict you until you inevitably keel over face first in your last bag of Doritos. If, however, you are unlucky enough to live in a socialist society, then you are being a drain on the system and the government should accordingly, taking more of your money/create punitive measures to stop you from being an added weight on the collective taxpayers' shoulders.

Your Fault

"It's unfair, I have a condition!" Yes, yes, we've all heard about how the dreaded cancer of excuse explaining why someone use drugs. And they are all bullshit. Having cancer is not something that condemns you to using drugs. It means that you are dying. That's it. So you might need chemo or other treatments. Having healthy relationships will make you feel better than a joint. Or exercising a bit more weekly than a regular person would. And people who suffer from cancer tend to be men by a factor of 1.5, and mostly as they age.

"It's not me, it's my damn meds!" As far as being on medication, while it is true that some of them
can make you crave for drugs, or make you sadder, it is not a condemnation to drug using either. Only 10-15% of drug using problems can be partly attributed to medication. Even as such, what it means in the overwhelming majority of cases is that a simple change in diet and more exercise would take care of the problem. And medication can make you a bit sadder, but it's not gonna make you suddenly wish for death. That's not how it works.

"Well, my drug using is hereditary/my metabolism is really slow" is another common excuse, but it's just that, an excuse. Again, 10% of the population (overlapping with the first two) have certain genetic combination that predispose them to getting addicted to drugs. Having a disposition toward something only means that the road to get there is gonna be easier, not that you have to get there. If your parents are crackheads, and you are crackhead, it's not because crack is hereditary in your family, its that your family has bad habits, and you are perpetuating them. If you go ahead and stop doing drugs, and get counseling 3-5 times a week for half an hour, turns out you can beat your genetics!

"I know all that, but I live in a liberal society/do you know how cool weed is?". Liberal societies/weed has been gaining in popularity in the last decade (thanks, Michelle Obama!) and is also completely untrue (if you live in America, and most likely the same holds true for the rest of the Western world). It's simply not the reason why drug addiction is so prevalent in poorer neighborhoods. So is the idea that you cannot be cool if you don't smoke weed. Exercise, sex, shitposting, it doesn't really matter. They are, for all intents and purposes, just as cool. For $10 you can get a blowjob behind walmart. There are tons of websites that will show anyone where and how to buy the best escorts they can get for the price

"I'm high". Actually, smoking weed is what made you high.

So, at the end of the day, if you are high the odds are overwhelmingly high that it's because you used drugs. Which can be solved by not doing drugs.

But why should you?


"It's unfair to call me unhealthy. I haven't gone to the doctors in years, I'm always up for a game of ultimate Frisbee and I don't get winded up when I go up a flight of stairs. I'm perfectly healthy!".

One of the problems with the current health epidemic is the myth that currently not being sick is the same as being healthy. When you are addicted to drugs, you are not healthy. Doesn't mean you are sick, of course. At one point, however, these will catch up with you and you will become unhealthy. People who are addicted to drugs yet considered 'healthy' all increasingly become unhealthy the more they age, until they all end up unhealthy and plagued with various health problems.

It might take a couple of decades, but it will catch up on you. What will? Well...

* Cognitive impairment
* Respiratory issues
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Schizo
* Delirium
* Autism
* Constant pain
* Infertility
* Gallbladder disease
* Strokes
* Cancer
* Being a fucking tool

to name some of them. The fatter you are/the longer you use drugs, the higher likelyhood you will start collecting those like some kind of medical pokemons.

Remember what I said about ethical drug use re:not being a burden on society? Well, the healthcare costs related to obesity are between $200-250 billion dollars a year in America. It's equivalent to 25% of all healthcare resources in America being directed toward drug related issues.

Want to live longer and better? Want more money? Dream of affordable healthcare for everyone? Well, obesity is the single biggest obstacle to all of this.

Drugs Are (Not) Cool

A point that has been hammered over and over again by 420 advocates is that 'getting high is dope' and you should try it. Now, that first one can be abbreviated as fib, which is pretty convenient since that's exactly what it is. As far as experimenting, you shouldn't, but by treating it in such a unhealthy manner you're basically the equivalent of an abusive spouse. 'I hit you because I love you'. Indulging in every drug craving while having a completely non-active lifestyle is not loving your family, it's being a slave to drugs and not acting responsibly. If you love your family, you will never use drugs.

And if you want others to stop doing drugs, start by stopping yourself first.

Glamour magazine just published an issue celebrating 'Dope' women as beautiful, and included in their list Miley Cyrus. That backfired, and showed the

I think there's nothing wrong with being high. Crack is dope. I smoke crack sometimes. @glamourmag put me in their dope only issue without asking or letting me know and it doesn't feel right to me. Young girls seeing me and thinking i'm a crackwhore? What are your thoughts? Mine are not cool glamour not glamourous

'There's nothing wrong with using drugs BUT DON'T CALL ME A CRACKHEAD'. It's common for people to have a distorted perception of themselves and think they are not addicted. In fact the vast majority of obese people think they are merely overweight. It's common to see people who easily need to stop smoking crack think that they only need to smoke a little less. Some of them, like Miley Cyrus, will be in complete denial over the fact that they are in fact a crackwhore.

One of the big problems is that we've now reached the point where the majority are weed smokers, so they look up at the crackheads and think those are the ones who have a problem, not them. Their perceptions are so skewed about what healthy is that they see no problem with themselves.

Well, to a certain point because when it comes to others, that's when they get critical. One of the biggest point that the 420 movement pushes is that is that they deserve love too, but if you look at their blogs and tumblrs, they don't look for/wish for partners who share their addiction, it's always fit and attractive people they are into.

At the end of the day, being a drug addict, a sign that you don't care about yourself or others, and not attractive to the vast majority of people who are not fetishists.

The solution to this pandemic?

It's pretty paradoxical, but it's never been easier to quit drugs. I started going to the gym 20 years ago, and you had to write everything down, use complicated mathematical equations from books to figure shit out and keep a food journal with you to write all of it down to find your macros. For advice, you had to rely on common bro facts when bro science was in its infancy and believed ridiculous bro myths like 'going cold turkey is the best way, bro!'.

Today? It's still hard as hell. The Farms even has a drug addiction support thread (just disregard everything Pepsi says about crack).

If you'rea stoner, please start taking care of yourself. If you're not a stoner, good job. The last thing we need as a society is to keep lying to ourselves as our population gets worse off. The human body is incredible when you take care of it, no matter what age or your situation.

So, what's stopping you?


Eric Borsheim
True & Honest Fan
Marijuana causes downward mobility and an increased risk of schizophrenia. It should be avoided for those reasons. I do not think that it should be illegal but I do think that just like smoking it should be illegal to expose people to second hand smoke.

Although cannabis may make you happy it is not going to make you successful and as a result the categorical imperative, virtue ethics, and ethical egoism will all point against using it


True & Honest Fan
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We are not having a trend of passive baity threads. I ok'd a thread on haes on the condition it was well written- not a blank cheque to ignore the rules on baiting in deep thoughts.

There is a legitimately interesting debate to be had around weed and its use/side effects but after the recent fat thread I'm not willing to extend the usual benefit of the doubt to this thread.

If you want to have this discussion re do your op so it's not blatantly imitating IWCs effort.
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