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If you call a person a "gay fag", does that mean...

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by PreferredPenne, Dec 6, 2018.

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    1. Faggot is to gay what nigger is to black. A negative version of the root term.

      That is, anyway, if you're at some point of maturity in your life and don't just use it solely because the friction against your lips feel good.

      I'm gonna act like a normie and link this:
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      Cactus Wings

      Cactus Wings Coughing for Cash

    2. So a gay vagina then ? man this is all very confusing
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    3. This particular example is meant to double, but the double negative rule is true.

      "I've never not voted," as someone without much literary sense would say, would in actuality mean they always vote. Because they 'never' 'don't vote'.
      Guts Gets Some

      Guts Gets Some "Sword=cock" -Susumu Hirasawa

    4. If you call a person a gay fag you're saying they're really stupid and annoying. Alternatively, lame and wimpy. Something along those lines. Chances are slim that you are saying they are a homosexual.

      Neither term is a negative, I don't not know why you wouldn't fail to understand it.
    5. I pretty much go with this. I use fag to also mean plain obnoxious too, but it's a shorter word and more fun to say.

      cactus Cactus Juice Connoisseur

    6. You called them a gay Harley rider.
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      Mrs Paul

      Mrs Paul Yinzer Kiwi

    7. If I call someone a stupid idiot, does that mean I'm calling them smart? No.

      A negative plus a negative is a bigger negative.
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      TenMilesWide It's a communist plot!

    8. That's... not the kind of negative double negative refers to anyway.
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