If you had to eat a human, what kind would you eat? -


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Nigger? Chink? Gook? Kike? Indian?

For me it's a hard choice, but I think I'd eat a retarded person.

I feel Niggers would be too stringy.
I'd only be hungry again an hour later after a chink.
Kikes would probably give me heartburn.
I would be in the bog for a week with an Indian.

So I guess Italian, I likea-da spaghetti. Plus garlic is pretty tasty.


I've just got back to the gym post lock down and am feeling like a total weakling. I'd eat an FTM for the T. Maybe get an MTF and lock it in the basement now, if it survives until I hit menopause it clearly doesn't have AIDS and I can eat it instead of HRT.