If you had to live in a Keanu Reeves action movie which movie would you choose and why? (support your answer)

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are you some sort of mexican?
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Feb 5, 2019
i would probably choose Point Break because other than the whole bank robbery thing it's basically just like regular earth but it's the 90s and all the things that are great about the 90s would be happening and none of the things that aren't great about the 20s would have happened yet do you guys remember that time in the 90s when the internet was brand new you could invest money in the internet and become an internet money man imagine if you could invent PoopCoin decades before anyone else you would be a pretty cool dude so that is basically why i would choose Point Break.


Sep 26, 2021
The Matrix of course so I could jack off and some of its bits would be unloaded and be given room to refresh.

will see myself out.
or was it jack out?