If you live in the USA you should NEVER tell a child to finish their plate -

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Hello. If you live in the USA, you should NEVER tell a child to finish their plate! The USA is having a extreme obesity problem right now. People are gaining tons and tons of weight. Lots of people who are fat today, they say that when they were young children their parents always told them, "You have to finish your plate!" So they always did. And then they started to over eat and over eat. And the fat people they have big plates and they fill the big plate with just tons and tons of large amounts of food, and then they remember how their parents always told them to finish their plate so they eat the whole thing and make another huge plate and eat the whole thing then make a third huge huge plate and they are just so full and almost bursting but then they remember their parents saying always finish your plate so they finish the huge plate. GAINING SO MUCH WEIGHT!!!! People in the USA already weight TOO MUCH AS IT IS! So you should NEVER TELL A CHILD TO FINISH THEIR PLATE!
Instead you should say, "Only eat if you are hungry" and you should say, "Dont eat anymore if you feel full, Never over eat" Say that instead of saying, "Always finish your plate.

PEOPLE IN THE USA ARE DYING OF OBESITY RELATED ILLNESSES RIGHT NOW!!!!!! We cant AFFORD to have people telling children to finish their plate anymore! Only eat if you are hungry! NEVER MORE THEN THAT! Food is something you are only suppose to eat in order to survive but it shouldnt be more then that! Dont eat because ur bored dont eat because ur depressed and dont eat just because you want you finish your plate because you dont want to waste food. The only food that its bad to waste is meat. Wasting any type of food besides meat is fine who cares. With meat, a animal died so you can have that meat so you dont want to just waste tons of meat for no reason however, if you are full its okay to waste some meat instead of becoming morbidly obese. Wasting a little meat is always better than becoming morbidly obese. That animal is already dead but you dont want to risk your own life by possibly dying from obesity related illness.

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My parents always made me finish my plate, and I usually got seconds. Pretty much my entire time playing high school football, my dad made a deal with me that he would by me as many burgers as I could eat during the season, no questions asked.

I ain't fat, because I do shit for a living. Merica don't have a obesity problem, it has a bitch ass nigga problem.


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I know a guy who was basically starved as a child and now he's a little fluffy. He didn't have a plate to clean but he does now and sometimes he forgets that he's not going to ever starve again. It doesn't help that his wife is one of those that loves to feed him, he loves to eat, she loves to feed him, supposedly they burn it off during sex so it works itself out in the end,or in bed as the case might be.
Although I generally agree with the premise, a lot of people don't even eat on plates. Many people go to drive-throughs and eat fast food out of cardboard boxes. Loaded cheeseburger with soda and fries. Bucket of chicken. Party pack of tacos. One pizza? Just order two. One bag of chips? Family size is cheaper. Etc.


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I was thinking about this the other day actually. Why do people try to force their kids to eat the entire plate, especially if it's something you find disgusting? It's fucking weird and borderline abusive.

I cant help but wonder if its just butt hurt