If you married a Woman, and she became Transgender Man, would you become Transgender Woman? -


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Hello everyone. Lets say You are a regular straight male, and one day you get married to a woman. However, one day she actually makes the Transition and becomes a man. Now you are married to a man. What if she suggested that in turn you now become a Transgender woman? What would you do? What if she then demanded it? And said she will divorce you if you dont. Would you save your marriage and become Transgender, or would you just cut your losses? Would you stay with your wife if she became a transgender man? Also she demands you must get a sex change surgery and remove your penis, and she is getting a penis.

Ellen Page became Transgender on December 01 2020, so its making a lot of people begin this conversation.
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Nah. I’d just work on the basis that she’s going to decide she’s nonbinary within the year, so I just have to pretend to be gay until then.


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Straight males don't accidentally marry women who are likely to change their gender. That's something troons might imagine happening, but it just doesn't happen. If it does happen, there was something off about the male to begin with.
Yeah, people don't just randomly wake up one day and decide to be transgender. There are clear signs well before hand.

Even the Ellen/Elliott situation was clearly years in the making.


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If I ever make the mistake of getting married, I will put a clause in the prenup that this kind of shit will result in a divorce and I'm the one getting everything.

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I would "transition" a la Yaniv, then divorce my "husband" and take everything he owned, he transition back. What, don't like that, it's called being gender fluid you cis male.


If this happened I would transition and become the bottom bitch, because if I was retarded enough to get married in this day and age I'd be too retarded to simply leave that worthless attention whore's ass.