If you trooned out, how would your loved ones react? -


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Stage some intervention and do some prying into my Internet history, although if we're talking full trooning, that would require SEVERAL mental breakdowns and not just a temporary lapse in mental health.


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Hmmm... loved ones probably just means my parents, maybe an extra family member. I have friends, but not close friends. I guess mom would freak out, dad wouldn't say anything, since he processes things internally. After a while (2-3 years?) they would probably be okay with it if it made me visibly happier or more functional. Or they'd blame it on my assburgers. As for friends, I think 80-90% would be cool with it, to some extent, or wouldn't care much. Now I'm kind of wondering if they'd believe me if I came out as trans, this could be a good April Fools' prank. Or not, I don't want to risk giving them a heart-attack.

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Due to an unfortunate episode, I know that my mom would be supportive of it. My dad probably wouldn't but he also played a part on why that episode happened so he's definitely not the good guy here either even if I'm a degenerate. My grandmother would probably be glad she's fairly close to death anyway.


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My immediate family: might end up being accepting of it to a fault
My husband: will not enjoy it because he loves how I look now. Would not be surprised by a divorce.
My in-laws: some may be too accepting (hard to tell)
Extended family: mostly against it, probably wouldn’t be used to it

Overall, I would probably change many family dynamics and possibly be alienating to those I love (like most troons).

Being a troon is cursing yourself to a life of hormones and surgeries that do little to disguise the biological sex you were born as. It’s only made worse by others enabling these delusions instead of getting actual help.


My family would support me in practically anything I would do. That being said, and especially since weightlifting is a hobby of mine, they would think it was weird, like trooning in general for that matter.
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My brother, the only one I was close to, was a marine. He was a really smart guy and I looked up to him as a role model, until he cut his dick off. He moved to another state that is "less transphobic" because he could not sue his boss or discrimination. He is now in an open relationship with a feminist land whale and has a mentally exceptional kid from a previous relationship with a degenerate whore.

My mom would be kind enough to encourage me to join the 40%.
My mother did this to my younger sister, and she did. She was a lesbian during high school and spent about a year or so in a mental hospital due to suicide attempts. My mother was a christ fag and abused her.

My older sister lives in California now and is "asexual". I got along with her when we were growing up but I have not seen her in years.

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