If you want more proof on how fucked California is - In the Midst of the Pandemic, They Reopened the Bathhouses

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Jun 9, 2018
The Supreme Court this week ruled that California's law stating that no more than 3 families may gather in their home for religious services is unconstitutional. To paraphrase (the alleged grifter) Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law, a Small Law Firm in Central Minnesota - "This is a good ruling. The Supreme Court has repeatedly told the 9th Circuit that California Laws cracking down on Religious actions over those of Secular actions are inherently unconstitutional. Special considerations need to be paid when cracking down on the freedom to worship as you see fit, and there is no evidence that 3 families in a religious setting spreads Covid any better than more than 3 families settings in a secular setting, as such discrimination is currently permitted by California Law".

This has of course upset many Californians. If you were to look at Twitter's response to this ruling, you would believe that any and all Covid deaths from this moment onwards will be from the sharing of altar wine between the neighborhood Catholics, and that the Supreme Court is made up of religious looneys who care about Jesus more than grandma.

What we didn't hear about was the fact that California reopened the Bath Houses. No, not today after the vaccine has been distributed to the most vulnerable. Not in March when California's warm air allowed cases to drop dramatically. They reopened them in July of 2020. In the exact middle of "The second wave" and just months before the "Third wave" that killed tens of thousands of Californians. As far as I can tell, this went over everyone's head. With only a select few news articles reporting on it (mainly LGBT+ publications), and the only Kiwifarmer I could even find talking about it was some random guy in the Covid Megathread who shared a video.
San Francisco is trying to open the pozzed bathhouses, but wants to keep churches closed.
In case you're too young to care why I bring this up - prior to the mid 1980s, Bath Houses were more or less publicly private locations in California where young gay men could meet up to have sex. With the advent of the AIDS epidemic though, they quickly became a hotspot for transmissions, and one of the leading factors for spreading AIDS. If you don't know much about AIDS, please, go read an article about it. Covid is like a mild tickle in your throat when compared to the AIDS epidemic. HIV is a horrible way to die, and its only saving grace is that it can only really be spread through gay sex and blood transfusions. Up until the advent of modern medicines like PREP, if you were infected, there was essentially no way to survive AIDS and all you had to look forward to was a slow and painful death.

So in the mid 1980s with the outbreak of AIDS, the Health Department made the call saying that Bath Houses had to be shut down - which was shortly cemented into law with municipalities and the state banning private rooms with lockable doors. As of July 2020, these laws have all but been reversed.

Why do I bring this up? Why am I writing a short essay on a disease 4 decades after its outbreak, and long after we have mitigated it?

Over the past 13 months the government has stripped us of our most basic rights. They've taken away our rights to peacefully practice our religion, they've banned activities that they deem "unessential", and they've stripped small businesses of the right to operate while giving large corporations protections. Even now, the Californian legislature has to be admonished by the Supreme Court itself just to allow three or more families to worship together.

Through all of that though, they'll still tell you "It's the teenagers not wearing masks to pool parties! It's the restaurants reopening! It's the Church that had 51 people in it that's causing the virus to spread! You're why my 102 year old Grandma died alone!". They'll strip you of your freedoms while blaming you for it - and in the meantime they'll allow rioting on the streets, change the law so raping a boy is no longer a felony, and specifically reopen locations so young men can go have sex in public. They wouldn't let you get a haircut "out of an abundance of precaution", and your sons and daughters had to lose out on their senior prom because "if it even saves just one life", but meanwhile casual sexual encounters between random young men was legalized just because banning it wasn't nice to the LGBT. Never forget one simple fact. They hate you, and they're not afraid to show you how much they hate you.

One of the articles I used to do some cursory research. My Google Ads are going to be filled with Gay Sex Websites for the next 6 months because of how many times I Googled "California Bath Houses" while writing this.

Citizen Lain

Aug 23, 2019
If you want to keep your church open in California, just open a bathhouse inside of it. You can have everyone wear sandals and bath towels and use hot tubs as makeshift pews.


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Apr 21, 2013
You couldn't go to church, you couldn't go to work, you couldn't travel, you couldn't see some of your friends/family, hell you couldn't go OUTSIDE in some cases.

Yet having a place where you can fuck freely is A-OK. God, I hate California.
Fags gotta catch their bugs. God forbid they go 5 minutes without sucking an HIV infected dick.

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Jan 20, 2021
Fags gotta learn to keep it in their damn pants like everyone else.


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Mar 27, 2021
I imagine that this is because churches are considered "nonessential" yet our founding fathers would cringe at this notion. Just like how they would roll on their graves on the numerous gun laws that plague our laws.

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Jun 3, 2016
Obviously, this is only a symptom of what's happened to California. Tucker Carlson laid out a great history of what's actually happening. I've been meaning to ask, are Americans afraid that democrats are trying their hardest to turn the US into California and the rest of Europe? Do you think this can be reversed or stopped? Do you think war or vigilantism is the solution? I wish I could start a war. I'm tired of Europe being a shithole. I'm tired of treating patients from bum fuck Africa and Middle East, who smell like shit and don't pay for anything.


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Mar 23, 2019
Gee, I wonder who could POSSIBLY be behind this...

It should also be mentioned that purposely infecting someone with HIV is a misdemeanor in California.
Maximum jail time is 6 months and the same legislation removed any penalties for knowingly donating HIV infected blood.
...oh riiiight, it's the same guy who was responsible for the above.

Give me 2, maybe 3 ICBMs and I could make California great again.
Just make sure to aim them at the Bay Area and LA. Maybe use the third for Sacramento.

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Jul 8, 2019
To be fair; in the San Francisco area, there is like only one bathhouse in the entire city as of right now, because the city/county passed restrictions back in the 80's that amounted to bans. Ironically, they were lifted... In June of 2020. The gods have a wicked sense of humor. https://archive.md/c2t8v

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Oct 5, 2018
With a little modification, it's easy to make bath houses COVID-safe.

1. COVID is spread through sustained close contact. Limit the duration of interpersonal contact to five minutes--which should be enough for anybody--and there will be little to no risk of direct transmission.

2. Barriers are effective at preventing transmission. Encourage the use of glory holes instead of regular rooms.

3. Masks are also effective. Advertise that you are kink-friendly and encourage puppy/pig masks, gas masks, etc.

The same procedures can be used to make churches safer.


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Sep 25, 2019
All the good little worshippers stay home and safe where they can't get the varus, while all the degenerates go clubbing and get infected up and down with it. What's not to like?

Maybe somebody is trying to do us all a favor.


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Jul 8, 2020
Supply chains will become decentralized due to this years disruptions.