If you were face to face with AL-what would you say to her? -

Piggy Pot Pie

ham hoof hotdish
“I’m sorry, excuse me but I’m a huge fan who has been enjoying your vlogs for a long time. Just wanted to say hi and thank you. Not trying to be creepy, ha ha. I actually am grateful for your content and look forward to watching all your future adventures. Gosh, your hair is so long and pretty! It looks WAY better in person. The camera doesn't do you justice. Could I please get a selfie with you, it would mean a lot.’

I’d print out the photo of us and put it in a fancy frame and display it on my dresser. I’d dust it regularly and lovingly, often picking it up to admire us and the moment we’d shared. I’d cherish that photo until the day I put it on eBay a week later.

Meat Poultry Veg

The staff of life
"You need to join the Catholic Church and repent of all your sins or you will burn in hell forever."

Look, give me all the bad ratings you want, but some of you are trying to lure her into sugar dating or just throwing plain ol' insults. If Papists are right, and she follows my advice, then I'm the only person doing her a kindness.


*pins you to the ground and force-feeds you crack*
True & Honest Fan
I’d probably say nothing. I’d be too busy shooting that sweet heroin into my fucking arm. That’s the only reason I’d be anywhere near where she’s at.

Fuck fried chicken, y’all are really famous for your black tar.


Missionary of the Birb Church
I have seen plenty of bitches as fat as Hamber in public and working fast food. In the fast food cases I always just smiled and filled their order (apparently some had even lost weight), in regular public you just look a bit or be like "wow, look at that FAT FUCK,: to your friends. If it was Hamber I would give her a real mean girl look while walking by

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