If you were face to face with AL-what would you say to her? -


Like some others have said already, I wouldn't say anything. I just want to see how she is off-camera.

Like, I want to see Amber's emotionless face as she scans the shelves with her eyes. Breathless as she scoots around, the motor straining under her enormous weight.
Becky at least 30 feet away, disengaged, and locked onto her phone.
I want to see how Amber later awkwardly asks Becky to remove some items from the cart as Amber pulls out her phone and excitedly vlogs half of her purchases. I want to see the look of shame on Becky's face and how quickly Amber's fake smile fades.
I also want to see how Amber scoots her way to her car and struggles to stand and get inside. Then I want to see how Becky drives the cart back so that I can try to figure out what she does to justify the fact that she's actively killing her girlfriend.

Oskar Dirlewanger

SS-Oberführer of 36th Waffen Grenadier Division
"Hi Amber what's up". I wouldn't feel there's a reason to sustain a conversation with her but also no reason to be rude or proselytizing.
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What I would really like to do is go buy a pair of scissors, (because I could buy them and get back to the bean bag before she could get out the door); and cut her limp, greasy, straggly hair off. And run around her with the long stringy mess in my hand. We know why she keeps her hair long! She thinks it detracts from the fact she is the size of a baby hippo. FAT.


Driest of gorls
If I were face to face with her I'd be too conflicted as to whether or not I should scream or laugh. On one hand, it'd be pretty funny to mock her while walking away at a speed she'd never be able to waddle up to. On the other hand, if I happen to trip I'm completely fucked... She'd easily kill me by dropping down on me and get zero repercussions for it.
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Forchette! Forchette!
I think I would walk behind her and ask very loudly if Kentucky gets earthquakes.

Then I'd ask her where I can get some meth

Randy Bobandy

"Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?", then run to the walmart PA "Urgent call to Mandy Harpoons!!"

Is what I wanna say, but in reality I wouldn't wanna say anything or get near her.
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