If you were face to face with AL-what would you say to her? -


Ride The Lightening. Fade To Black.
Like body odour, yeast, dirty hair, and a cloud of cheap body spray.
I'm sure we've all gotten whiffs of stinky deathfats throughout life... But good grief could you fucking imagine living in that house around both of them?
Beggy doesn't look like she would have the best hygiene either.
To never shower because you're too fucking massive to fit and it would deplete your oxygen being so out of breath. I couldn't imagine.
Everyone begging her to get inpatient help on YT comments. Fucking stupid.
If her life up to this point hasn't been one gigantic wake up call- she's hopeless.
She's too delusional and narcissistic to change.


Ride The Lightening. Fade To Black.
If I could get past the smell- I'd take some scissors and cut that dead ass ugly mop off.

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