If you were ILJ how would you salvage your life? -

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I think its obvious that her story has been embedded within the web at large and that any efforts to scrub her name off the internet have been largely impossible for awhile. With a notice from her attorney/"not lawyer" acknowledging this but still asking that random parts of her thread be taken down, how would you best salvage things moving forward for her? Can anything be salvaged?

One suggestion that I've seen has been that she legally take on her mother's maiden name and essentially give up on her previous identity and attempt to move past this that way.


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Changing your name is considered a big deal in mythology for a lot of reasons, it's not just a legal thing, and I think this applies here, too. "Isabella Loretta Janke" is now forever associated with all this, but even if she were to change her name, as soon as her new name is linked to "Isabella Loretta Janke" it will start all over again. The only way out of that trap is going to be security through obfuscation. She'd need an extremely common name like "Mary Smith" or "Jennifer Johnson" to pull it off.
There's also the issue of "No matter where you go, there you are." She'd need to get a lot of help/therapy to change the root causes of all this, and like @AnOminous said, she very well might need find religion.

Bella, get thee to a nunnery.

The Hard R

There is no redemption arc, her personality disorder will not permit her to refrain from behavior that will lead to her being identified. Even if she changes her name to Muhammad Muhammad she will do something that leads to a mugshot that leads to her being identified. She fucked up by fucking with animals, so her face is spread far and wide

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Get off the internet. Groom myself like a normal person. Get pills for the fungi infections. Try to be less exceptional at calc and coding so I can graduate. Get a job at daddy’s company and eventually takeover. Profit and get rich enough that I can pay for a trophy wife to pretend to love me.

Will she do it? No.


1. Come clean. Public statement admitting guilt and apologizing to the public at large, providing whatever proof possible for any statements that were false or blown out of proportion while admitting to the truth.

2. Personal apologies and restitution to any victims by loaning money from the parents. This may be done years down the line if I suspect that contacting them now would do more harm than good. The ultimate goal is to do no harm; even an apology can be selfish.

3. Do community service, volunteering, and make donations. Become humble and appreciative of the life I have. Do it so much and so well that my name gets mentioned in local newspapers, on organizations' web pages, etc. Not just because it will push more recent and more relevant and positive results to the top of Google, but because I can only fix myself by working on myself.

4. Lots of therapy, as well as possible medical treatment (fungal infections). Self-reflection, meditation, exercise, etc.

5. Apologizing to my parents for dragging them down with me and pouring my whole into becoming a more productive and less shameful individual.

6. Devoting myself to healthy and fulfilling habits while making conscientious decisions about my path: dropping out of TTU, finding low wage work anywhere that would take me and investing myself into it, establishing financial independence without excess (drugs, alcohol, porn, etc.). Eventually finding a career path that resonates with me and pursuing training or education if needed, with full disclosure about my past issues and the steps I've taken to overcome them.

7. Staying off the fucking internet and removing myself from any negative influences (people, places, things).

8. In general trying to put my best foot forward in everything and being nothing less than a shining beacon of positivity to those around me. Finding joy in the success of others. Admitting fault for my mistakes and feeling pride only for humanitarian achievements.

This is the only way IMO, and this is just the start. There are many more things that can be done to "cleanse" a person and put them on the right path.

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Assuming I was Bella and had a sudden burst of sense I would pull myself out of this spotlight as much as humanly possible. Stop interacting with the farms through socks, friends, or attorneys. Temporarily drop out of college. Wait.
Then change my name once I'm no longer on the radar and try to continue my life. Maybe have my dad pull strings for me.

But since Bella lacks introspection and thinks the cure for bad gayops is to gayops the gayops then if I was really her I would probably continue talking to Chris and try to get him either kill himself or admit to something that will put him away for a long time. As long as he's famous, Bella's famous. If we start forgetting about him, we start forgetting about Bella and nothing would stop news of Chris like extended jail time or death.


Marry some dufus and have kids, the normal reset my life button for American women..... oh wait she can't because she's a barren pedo-lesbo-BPD-roid-monster! She could try but I'm sure it would just turn into a new horrorcow saga.

For now, Bottle of bleach, contact lenses, lose 30 pounds, go to another 'not so good?' college "Hi I'm..... Lore-Belle".
Second she tries to do anything online though it'll start all over again.

Hurgle Blurk

There is no means by which Isabella could "fix" herself. Psychopathy does not respond to any treatment, and when you make the attempt to treat it, all you do is teach the patient how to be a better psychopath.

Making matters even worse is that Isabella is an especially unintelligent narcissist. Persuading a narcissist that their approach to something is less than optimal is difficult at the best of times. Persuading a stupid narcissist is all but impossible.

A stupid, narcissistic psychopath? If her father ever cuts her off, she will end up in prison.

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