If you were in a poly relationship, how would you handle it? - Hypothetically speaking - or not, if you are actually are poly

Heinrich Himmler

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I wouldn't be able to do it, it's difficult enough to keep a single woman satisfied and happy.
I'd be more capable of handling the traditional wife-mistress combo, not that I want a similar situation.
It just seems the more manageable, if selfish.

If you were in a poly relationship, how would you handle it?
What kind of arrangement would you prefer?

Zeke Von Genbu

Shitpost answer: I'd only accept women into this poly harem in progress if they offer different body proportions to the current harem so they can be envious to each other while I eat popcorn and get whatever I want depending on the mood. No fat chicks though, because no one would be envious of them.

Actual answer: I've heard most the typical poly reasons both from personal stories I've been told from people who got told to try a poly relationship and from reading the r/poly on the farms, and none of them make sense. I always hear this concept of an "emotional" and "physical" partners, and I don't understand why one person can't be both. Even if you need some extra emotional support, you have close friends and confidants for that you don't need to be open to fuck those people for emotional support. If your partner is that useless as an emotional support, then your partner probably sucks anyway. Poly relationships are useless garbage and I hate seeing people try to propose it as some new found way to grow their current relationship.
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Heinrich Himmler

Reichsführer-ᛋᛋ und Chef der Kiwi Polizei
True & Honest Fan
This is a question I should have put in the OP but I'll ask it now:

Giving full reign to your ego and cult of personality, would you like to have an harem of girls/guys /both?
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