If you were 'internet famous' would you end up a lolcow? -

How would you handle your internet fame?

  • My image and mentality would be fine

    Votes: 51 16.7%
  • I'd end up some low tier lolcow

    Votes: 147 48.2%
  • Downward spiral, High Tier lolcow

    Votes: 33 10.8%
  • Dead in the first few years

    Votes: 74 24.3%

  • Total voters


I think it's a pretty interesting question. Personally for me it depends. I'd probably be alright at first. but if I had some sustained large audience on youtube or something it'd probably go to my head at some point and I'd end up some low tier lolcow. I mean, I hope I wouldn't, it'd be more likely if my fame/E-money dried up really fast and for some reason i'd become dependent. But you never know.


I'd maybe get an inflated ego if I got the attention but im too boring to be an interesting lolcow and i don't produce enough content. Maybe a decade ago i would have been one. I used to draw pokemon in mspaint when I was a kid. Later I didn't finish college stuff for money reasons. my biggest lolcow trait is probably that I'm a fucking exceptional speller/grammar user and I have given up on ever being good at language


Low tier lolcow. Though I doubt I'd care if I was making as much money as some IF do. Then again, I have :autistic: raitings left and right sometimes so perhaps I'd make the front page with my humongous sized dick pick one day.


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Nah, but chances are regardless of what I do or say Mainstream news outlets would desperately write repetitive clickbait non-stop about me being a white supremacist ... despite not being white.

That's how you know you are in the top of your carreer.

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If I put my mind to it, I'd probably have my own god damned subforum here if I got rich and famous off of my internet shenanigans.
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I'd probably try to stay calm and avoid a lot of the pitfalls (Don't talk about fetishes, keep politics to a minimum, etc.), but who knows how successful I'd be considering we live in an age where hitpieces come out over YouTubers using maymays.

Plus I'd probably make videos about movies or music, so it's less drama-filled compared to vidya or IBS.

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