If you were 'internet famous' would you end up a lolcow? -

How would you handle your internet fame?

  • My image and mentality would be fine

    Votes: 51 16.7%
  • I'd end up some low tier lolcow

    Votes: 147 48.2%
  • Downward spiral, High Tier lolcow

    Votes: 33 10.8%
  • Dead in the first few years

    Votes: 74 24.3%

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Incognito Mood

I am in pain
To some extent, I would probably end up developing some lolcow traits, but I don't think I'd become a full blown cow. Even if I did become one I'd probably be a pretty boring cow anyways since I don't have the time to produce content for people to consume on a regular/frequent basis.


Large Todger
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I know that if I got to be massively e-famous that shit would blow up in my face hard, especially when the dick pics leak. I have a monster ego that swings between 5 shots of tequila levels of overconfidence and 5 quarts of Ben and Jerry's depression. I'd still be less of a massive fuckup than Maddox though.

Baron Flynt

Alive from 9 to 5
Who cares? I probably would get one, though. You can't control what others think of you. You also can't really control your stupid decisions in life, you can reduce if not eliminate them though. If you have dirt and you're E Famous, you have a chance to be here. Nothing can stop some random guy who thinks you're hilarious and worth the time to make a thread about em', from doing it. It's just not possible to get someone to change their mind like that.


Terrainist Shitlord!
If I was ever internet famous it would likely be for something super mundane like model scenery tutorials or something. In the event I started getting trolled my likely response is to just say fuck it and shut down my channel and get on with life.


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Don't think I'd ever want to be internet famous, or famous period for that matter. Fame has its uses, but on its own it just draws aggro that you can't do much about. Fame+power is another story entirely though, but you don't get that from the internet.


Shouldn't Be Trusted, Persian Descent
I hardcore power level when stressed to the extreme, and an audience would definitely do that.
So yeah, maybe a cow, a sad, sad cow


Honestly every "internet famous" person does some lolcow worthy stuff just a question of how much and how much of it is online for people to see, but if I was making bank I really doubt I would care if I was a low tier cow.

Kylie Raina

If you woulda asked me this question 6 months ago, then i wouldve said i would become a low tier lolcow but now, meh prolly not.


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I can't help but think I'd be something akin to JonTron. I'd slip up somewhere and fuck up my easy gravy train.


там хорошо, где меня нет
I'd aim for the stars, not the silly 30-page thread in "Lolcows" you know but the full glory of the KF sub-forum with stickies and shit.


probably but idrk since i dont have really have any creative content ideas besides sharing stuffs i suffer from that i don't really tell people about personally
i dont have any guts to actually do it but i will prolly use youtube to get some support and fund my way to getting proper help for my mental health to get my life back together
i'm too depressive, paranoid and chronically fatigued to do anything

although i thought about doing some anime/manga/vidya short reviews i like to cover that i can upload on yt but i dont really know how to express my thoughts/feelings properly
too tongue tied for yt