If you were 'internet famous' would you end up a lolcow? -

How would you handle your internet fame?

  • My image and mentality would be fine

    Votes: 51 16.7%
  • I'd end up some low tier lolcow

    Votes: 147 48.2%
  • Downward spiral, High Tier lolcow

    Votes: 33 10.8%
  • Dead in the first few years

    Votes: 74 24.3%

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Country Matters

That's a fair thought to lie between maids' legs
if i was i might get a thread that was a couple pages long

probs wouldnt go anywhere tho because if the farms have taught me anything, it's that any response at all is just content for people to make fun of so id ignore the thread


I'd probably be a low-tier artcow. I'm pretty opinionated but even since my teen years I think I am a very private person and I usually try to watch what I say publicly. The stuff I'd make would be 99% apolitical.
I probably might've had some spergy tendencies in my tweens but I've mellowed out and being aware of the farms admittedly straightened me out in regards to online presentation lol.

If I don't improve and diversify my skills as much as I've been trying to, I think any potential thread I might have would be about how bland or singularly-focused my art might be.
Or if I get comfortable, the stupid shit I might say in a sorry attempt to be witty.


Depends on what kind of internet famous. If you're a YouTuber and have a kiwifarms thread on that basis alone it means absolutely nothing. Take the Styx thread for instance.
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King of Termia and protector of Kfarms
Without a doubt but I think after a while, the intresse in me as a lolcow would go away after a few years or months
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Dededone with this year
Outside of KF I rarely speak, so I don't think I'll ever become internet famous, but if it did hypothetically occur, I'd probably be too boring and silent to be a lolcow.

The Shadow

I am NOT a crackpot.
Toss up between getting really, really fat and trying to justify it and trooning out, I guess. What else is there?

Just A Butt

Lift me up, like a garage door.
I have to be honest for a moment. If I thought for a second that I could make a decent amount of money (patreon, twitch, youtube superchats, whatever) like most of these sad fucks do, I'd be willing to debase myself. The only problem with this strategy is I'm incredibly boring, and probably wouldn't last more than a few pages.

And I'm not creative enough to pull off a Deagle Nation thing. So faking it is out.

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AZ 594

im way too boring and uninteresting to be a cow or internet famous in the first place
Look at MundaneMatt and Donga, through pure luck they ended up efamous and cows despite them being really fucking boring. Tonka's wresting shows are dull, Mundane Matt has no charisma reading the news, all it took was being in the right place at the right time to kickstart their fame and their subsequent meltdowns.


It seems like a lot of full-time e-celebs end up cows because they desperately want to be seen as their fanbases "friend", I would imagine not shamelessly trying to kiss the asses of a faceless crowd would allow me to sidestep at least the new criteria of an e-celeb lolcow.
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Notan Alte

feel good
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I'd try to stay down-to-earth and not be a dipshit, but if I were to fuck up, i'd make it into a joke and just play along with it. Although if I pulled a DSP and man handle my ham candle on camera then I'd an hero.