If you were 'internet famous' would you end up a lolcow? -

How would you handle your internet fame?

  • My image and mentality would be fine

    Votes: 49 16.3%
  • I'd end up some low tier lolcow

    Votes: 144 48.0%
  • Downward spiral, High Tier lolcow

    Votes: 33 11.0%
  • Dead in the first few years

    Votes: 74 24.7%

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World's Best Dad

Stop sending me hentai
How famous? If I was like Jake Paul or some other big YouTube man, I'd probably just blow all of my money and OD on coke. Blaze of glory and all that. If I was less famous, I'd probably be sound of mind, but do some lulzy lolcowish shit to garner attention a la Sam Hyde but more tongue-in-cheek.


cruising the information superhighway
True & Honest Fan
If I was a famous youtuber (or whatever) I’d probably run out of interesting content long before I did anything lolcow-worthy, tbh.

I can’t imagine what I’d be famous for, though. I guess I could review books and talk about horror movies, or maybe have a funny cooking channel. Maybe a humor podcast, since that seems to be an endless well.

Then again, in this hypothetical I might go batshit and start picking fights with other internet famous people and ebegging and sending nudes to fans. That’s a more interesting way to answer this question, anyway.


Absolutely I would. Well documented fact that if you give an Autist with mediocre artistic talent a spotlight and a paycheck they will embarrass themselves somehow. Doubt I would be an acceptation to that lmao.


Getting older in a changing, frightening world.
Yes, but it wouldn't be so much "internet famous" but a problem with fame in general. Name recognition, I imagine, means everything one ever does in their life (great or small) eventually drifts into public knowledge. Especially in the age of the Internet, where every user leaves a lifelong online paper trail, and there is at least one forum where a bunch of troons keep tabs on who you follow and have in your circle of e-friends.

Now, that said, the key to being e-famous is to avoid creating MORE drama. So use your Twitter to promote your new video/project or whatever and post NOTHING ELSE. Run your channel and NEVER post a YouTube comment anywhere.


There are 5 things someone whose internet famous can do to not be a lolcow:

1: Have a sense of humor about themselves
2: Not give the audience too much info on their personal lives
3: Little to no drama. This means don't insert yourself into someone elses drama as well.
4: Don't give your opinion on every single little tiny thing like it has any merit.
5: Actually be good at what you do.

Rat Lord

If I were to have become e-famous while with my ex you probably would have seen a downward spiral going from low to mid-tier level lolcow over a course of 5 years. Was in a pretty bad abusive relationship and went a tad bit batshit for a while.

Thank god that's over. Now-a-days I'd probably just have an occasional furfag shoutout if I gained e-fame lmao


I really don't think I'm entertaining enough to be a lolcow, and I don't even think I'm creative enough to put on an act.

Sometimes I wish I could be half as crazy as Chris Chan so I could make some ridiculous shit for the internet.
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Arthur Morgan

For me it depends on when I'm becoming famous. Let's say back in 2008, I join up with Channel Awesome and become one of their reviewers. I would have been twenty and had some issues with taking criticism so I definitely would have been a lolcow, especially with how much of a hug box that was. 2004, as a teenager I make a famous webcomic, even more so. But today or maybe a couple of years ago? I think I would be fine, especially since I've seen so many horror stories I know what to look out for these days.
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Just A Fox
I do not produce content that is popular with the "target demographic" on Youtube.

If somehow I did manage be become popular and wealthy, I'd probably slowly morph into an eccentric person ... AKA low level cow.
Who else in the world i going to build a full sized crash test track specifically to run brand new expensive cars into walls at high speeds ? Heck, I may even buy land on the moon !
I would eventually let the autism consume me if I do accidentally not kill myself first.
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