If you were offer the chance to be a God, would you take it? -

Just Dont

I'm playing Morrowind currently and,
if you don't know there are living Gods called the Tribunal
, Dagoth Ur (the antagonist) is someone who offers you a chance at Godhood (more or less).

So I was thinking what my fellow kiwis would say if offered the chance to be immortal and have God like powers in exchange of your humanity.

I for one wouldn't accept it. The prospect of immortality is really tempting but you'll eventually become a lunatic and insane for living so much.

No Exit

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I would. I'd like to see the real big picture and the truths and lies I believe in a larger context. Try and fix the world how I think it needs to be fixed, maybe take a trip into space when I inevitably FUBAR the planet.
I would also probably pass my powers on to some other schmuck after a few million years, since I imagine immortality gets boring after everything becomes same-y.

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Since that probably comes with eternal life, I'd say no. It makes absolute sense to me that even if a person somehow gained immortality the human mind is simply not equipped for it. You would indeed go comatose or insane after some kind of ego death from sheer never-ending existence. I imagine it would seem like hell to some.

Rupert Bear

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Yeah. Even if i can't be the ultimate god controlling all of the universe. Just being a god with a bunch of big powers and followers from earth (or elsewhere if possible) would be nice

Mary the Goldsmith

Depends on what powers do I get, but if I where god I would endlessly mess up with people, first I'd become the god emperor of mankind and unite the earth under my rule and then launch a holy crusade against the filthy aliens, if it turns out we are indeed alone in the universe I'll just make some alien species for my armies to fight against and after a glorious battle I'll just restart the universe and this time have dinosaurs live alongside humans just to see what happens, on the next cycle I would choose one random person give them Superman-like powers and tell them I am god and you have X amount of time to teach humanity to be good or else I'll destroy everything, and just see what he does, I'd probably create super villains or something too

tl:dr yes, and I would make all my retarded ideas come true
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