If you were President of the U.S.A, what would be the first thing you do? -

The Pink Panther

Looking At Your Stag Reel
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Slowly, but surely get all the jews out of political office.

It's a slow yet subtle process, but through manipulation and pay-docking from the non-kike accountants, I will rid the Israelites from taking over the U.S.A. and turning it into JEW.S.A. Then afterwards, I'll brag about it to Israel and cut off our international aid for them so that 110 will never be a possibility. One might call this a gassing, persay.

Distant Stare

A) Declare myself dictator so I can do all of the following

1) Get rid of all Africans in the country
That would reduce violent crime 50 percent and raise the average IQ.

2) Enforce the Second Amendment

3) Restrict voting to white males

4) Reform intellectual property laws so that the Chinese can not steal American innovations and sell them back to us

5) Disband nearly all non-essential Federal bodies and departments

6) Disband NASA and sell their assets to SpaceX and other American private space agencies

7) Provide one year for all illegal aliens to leave the United States, and provide to them means for transport out of the country. After one year, institute a death penalty for illegal immigration. Harsh, but it would work.

8) Eject California from the Republic

9) Making childhood obesity a form of child neglect by law

10) Make accepting lobbying and profiteering while in office illegal

11) Limit all government office terms to one

12) Remove myself as dictator