If you were President of the U.S.A, what would be the first thing you do? -

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i would force the homeless into labor camps and create a berlin wall around the united states.


Since I fucked up an entire page of this thread, I guess I should do an on-topic post. If I were the president, the first thing I'd do would probably be inauguration.
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I would legalize Marijuana

Joe Biden is putting the metoo movement in a very awkward situation right now because they said, believe all women, and now sexual assaulr allegations are being made about joe Biden. Voting for Joe Biden means that you no longer believe all women. They were happy about the metoo movement when it was against Kavanaugh because he is a republican they tried to stop him being on the Supreme Court. But voting for Joe Biden means you turn your back on the metoo movement. Regardless of that, I’m mostly angry because Joe Biden opposes Marijuana legalization. Imagine running for president of the USA as a DEMOCRAT in 2020 while opposing Marijuana legalization. He is suppose to be a democrat! How could a democrat be doing that in 2020! These are the modern days! Canada legalized marijuana in 2018 it is 2020 now! A vote for joe Biden is a vote to step backwards. How dare you Joe Biden. How dare you call yourself a democrat while being so conservative. Conservative republican basically. In 2024 if the democrat running for president opposes marijuana legalization I will vote republican again like I am in 2020. I’m a democrat. But my principles matter more than political party. I would never disrespect myself by voting blue no matter who. No. That’s shameful. Only vote blue if you agree with the candidate. Me and Joe Biden disagree regarding almost everything. All the things that Bernie Sanders promised Joe Biden is against. Anyone who is a real Bernie Sanders supporter should vote Donald Trump. If you believe in Bernie Sanders then don’t listen to Bernie Sanders when he says vote Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders turned on the American people when he endorsed Joe Biden. I used to respect Bernie Sanders BEFORE he endorsed Joe Biden. Now Bernie Sanders has sold out. And shamed himself. Your principals should matter more than blind loyalty to the democrat party. Joe Biden said vote for the other guy if you don’t like him. That’s exactly what I will do. Joe Biden gave me the middle finger.


I would also legalize marijuana.

I'd also send out deathsquads to annihilate k-pop stans, but that's a whole different story.
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1) Fake-move the capital city to somewhere in California, making it big international news while secretly hiding the real location of the capital (preferably away from the WC).
2) Poke China just enough that they get angry and send out ICBMs.
3) Hope to God they aim for the "capital city" and destroy Cali.
4) Have an excuse to nuke China and run both countries to the ground.

Sure, it's an extreme, retarded way of wiping California off the face of the earth, but at least China also gets the nuclear treatment. Two birds.


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Declare myself god emperor.
Nuke California.
Declare communism and feminism a banned ideology and a criminal offense to spread the word.
Nuke the whole of China and North Korea.


The Aleph
  1. Consolidate the power of government to the executive branch by Dejure.
  2. Extend the powers of United States Intelligence Community.
  3. Purge foreign agents of hostile governments and NGOs.
  4. Heavily regulate the operations of markets based businesses so that they public interest and nationalize and sell back business to citizens.
  5. Heavily regulate industrial relations, so the unions can't picket and the businesses can't lock the doors.
  6. Put a Bismark model health system into the United States.
  7. Privatize the school and medical institutions.
  8. Every permanent United States resident gets a 401K fund taken out of their paycheck.
  9. Every permanent resident that has been born to at least 1 United States civilian requires at least 2 years military service in order to vote or run for public office.
  10. Return powers to the government branches 20 years after 1 through to 8 has been implemented.
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I am at work in the Middle East.
Depends on which party I'd be a member of. I'd certainly pull strings to transfer at least some manufacturing from China to Mexico so fewer people there stop breaking U.S. immigration laws in search of a higher income. Even if it didn't work out, at least I could claim in my re-election campaign that I worked tirelessly to improve relations with our neighbor, as well as bring down the number of immigration crimes.