If you were President of the U.S.A, what would be the first thing you do? -

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Mr. Skeltal

Calcium fortified at your own risk
You plan on bumping the tax stamp up from 200 USD? Would it track inflation?
I'd increase the requirement to $300 for newly made select fire weapons. That old Vietnam-era M-16 that grandpa has in garage would still require the $200 tax stamp for transfer. An SBR/SBS stamp would also stay at $200.

More importantly putting tactical rubber bands on your semi auto AK wouldn't be a felony anymore as it is now private arms manufacture. You'd still get fined for operating without a license though.
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Hellbound Hellhound

I understand price elasticity of demand just fine. The more supply you have of something, the lower the price. Problem: Healthcare is too expensive. So you increase the amount of Healthcare being supplied. How? More competitors. And how do you get more competition? Make it easier to compete. How? Less regulation.

It really isn't a difficult concept to grasp.
What you've said here further illustrates that you don't understand what price elasticity of demand means. The reason healthcare costs in the United States are so high has nothing to do with supply, but with the fact that the demand for healthcare is inherently unresponsive to changes in prices (i.e. people aren't going to turn away life-saving treatment just because they find the price unreasonable). It is this inelasticity in the demand for healthcare which keeps prices artificially high, and there is absolutely no evidence that supply-side remedies (such as the ones you're suggesting) will fix this.

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Burning in the Melting Pot
Honestly the main aspect of governance I think I'd actually have the power on paper to dictatorially dispose of would be the surveillance state. It only grew to the extent it has because it could do so in shadowy executive agencies, away from the eyes of the public and, more importantly, without affecting the voting record of congressmen.
Massively roll back the surveillance state features, overturn any executive order authorizing it, and make the venal do-nothings in congress actually commit on paper that they want these sorts of spying rules for their constituents. Then I'm only banking on the wisdom of voters to maintain my legacy (which will probably horribly backfire).
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