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She looks like a huge toddler in the part where she lays in bed

Speaking of laying in bed, she could've died while she was asleep. We know that she sleeps in an upright position because otherwise she chokes and she won't use a CPAP machine either. Yet she says for her laying on the side is the best... who is she bullshitting

Also I gotta give it to her about that egg yolk and water bottle trick, didn't know about it


The blackest eyes

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The devil's eyes
She looks like she's about to eat that blanket.

So for days it used to be just "I am going through something", now suddenly Becky is going through it too. Despite the fact that this mysterious tragedy is most likely that Becky has some kind of illness that doesn't allow her to eat sodium, butter and aaayyyyg yolk.
If Amber is being pressured to alter her eating habits because of something that's wrong with Becky, then she's technically not wrong.
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Dry Gorl

Thoughts slip in my mind like maggots on a train
"Me and Becky are going through something"

What? A 10 course meal?
So for days it used to be just "I am going through something", now suddenly Becky is going through it too. Despite the fact that this mysterious tragedy is most likely that Becky has some kind of illness that doesn't allow her to eat sodium, butter and aaayyyyg yolk.

What a narcissistic cunt. Becky gets sick, but Hamber tries to collect all the pity. Just like when she "cried" for Becky's mom. Fucking pathetic.

Emotional Prolapse

Cow Psychologist
Shit, IP tracking is illegal? Watch out, @Null, the internet police are coming for you.

Seconding the auto accident thing. We know Becky's health is one of the "bad things" but she said there were two "really bad things" that happened so it would make sense if it was a wreck. If Amber was in the car, they're bolth lucky to be alive. Inertia is a bitch.

For some reason this video in particular really highlighted how bored she must be. When the gays are away and Becky's out getting groceries or going to a doctor's appointment, I'm sure Amber is "soooooo bored" and doesn't know what to do with herself. She probably spends these times she's home alone browsing her thread here lol. It would never occur to her she could use said time to perhaps help out Becky and wipe down a table or countertop, or brush her cat, or clip Twinkie's nails, maybe fold laundry. I've seen people on MSHPL do the same shit plenty of times, she's absolutely capable and god knows arm-only exercise like laundry-folding could only be good for her. She should be moving as much as possible but she's doing the opposite.

You do you, gorl. Let those muscles atrophy, get those blood clots, develop those bed sores yaaaaaas gorl, slay kween etc etc.

Seriously though, time to place your bets on this low sodium thing. How long do you think she'll go before she cracks and slips Eric a $50 if he'll go pick up her McDonald's order? I give it maybe 7 days, so roughly 5 days from now we'll get another mukbang full of excuses, if not sooner.
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Becky already has HBP. Her mottled arms and flushed face tell me all I need to know about these sudden eeeeteeeeenn modifications. Hamber is "going through it" because she's having to essentially go on a diet. Woe is her. I don't know if maybe the issues with her mom and having a sister from the depths of hell plus dealing with her normal butler's duties and dealing with Dusty and the Fridge has caused her BP to spike or what, but she's clearly on a low cholesterol, low sodium diet so, of course, Hamber is devastated.

All of this to say, Becks is still a conniving piece of shit.

Also, Hamber is literally corpse shade grey now. She looks worse than I've ever seen her and that is saying something. I wonder if her body has evolved such that sodium and cholesterol en masse have become vital nourishment.

Slappy McGherkin

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"There's 137,000 people watching me..." The ellipses are supposed to go HERE because she forgot to add: ..."make an absolute fat, narcissistic fool of myself yet again."

Get the fuck outta bed, clean yourself up before you start filming, at a minimum. We ain't buying the whoa is me, don't I look horrible crap. It's no wonder your haydurs think your disgusting Hamber because you ain't doing a damn thing to help your own cause uploading stuff like this, raccoon eyes. 🦝 🦝🦝

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