Illinois passes law making LGBT+ history lessons in schools compulsory -


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Damn. I felt bad enough for kids having to go to school these days as it is. High school sucked enough for me in the infancy of the internet, so I can't imagine being in school with social media and all that exceptionalism.

I suppose it's only a matter of time until the federal government passes laws making all public schools teach this shit. How about we start by making our schools teach SOMETHING, anything useful to begin with before we start adding stupid shit like this to the curriculum?

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Honestly who gives a flying fuck if people like to to take it up the ass or carpet munch.
I think a fair number of people feel this way in that an adult's attractions and consensual bedroom habits involving other adults should generally be a non-issue. The biggest issue is how this curriculum unit handles the relevance of the subjects sexual orientation/gender identity.

As someone else might have mentioned, it would be no big deal if the lesson was "Person X was gay and made important discoveries in field Y despite being ignored/persecuted solely for their orientation." If instead the thrust was "Person X discovered Y, so if you hate Y, you're homophobic," there will be plenty of justifiable backlash.

The advice I've given my children about this is just nod along and pass the classes. If they want to speak some truth, go ahead, we're gonna go and defend their arguments with Facts and Logic™.

Honestly, just teach your kids the truth and let them be prepared to understand how insane these people are. The worst that can happen is that they just accept everything while secretly knowing the truth so everything they throw at them will bounce. The best, that they establish some sort of underground black market of biology and history books. I mean, being prude about sex education never stopped kids from sharing videos and pictures... it's like these people don't understnad how the minds of the youth operate: tell them "no" and they will insist on doing the opposite.
Yeah, this is great advice. This is fairly similar to the treatment I got as a kid in regards to politics in school.
Having attended a parochial school for grade 1-8, my mom was concerned about my going to a public high school and sought advice from our next door neighbor who had a kid a year older than I was at the same high school I'd be attending. My neighbor shared two important takeaways:
  • Don't enroll me in the entry-level composition course because it was more remedial than educational, and
  • Yes, there will be students that smoke, drink, use drugs, and have sex. But someone raised with good values and supportive parents should be able to avoid getting mixed up with that crowd.
I believe my mom's subsequent talk to me was along the lines of, "You're going to encounter people, even friends, with different beliefs than you and do things you might not agree with or understand. Just remember what you've been taught and don't get into any serious trouble."

I also think I got a similar reminder just before starting college since the message remained just as valid with the reality I'd now be an adult exposed to the full scale of adult beliefs and values.

As both @Tasty Tatty and @Corbin Dallas Multipass said, kids need to be told straight up that they're going to be exposed to ideas and beliefs that may conflict with their own, and that's it's OK to listen to what's being said and respect opposing perspectives even while disagreeing with them in a civil, appropriate manner. To shelter kids from undesirable people, opinions, and values hurts them both short and long-term and makes it more difficult for them to process such differences with an open, critically-thinking mind when they're older.

How much of anything has Illinois done for US history in general?
Abraham Lincoln.

How about we start by making our schools teach SOMETHING, anything useful to begin with before we start adding stupid shit like this to the curriculum?
It's bad enough that courses that taught practical, hands-on adult living skills (home economics, personal finance, vocational education/simple DIY repairs, etc.) have been de-emphasized or outright eliminated -- especially because there will always be students disinterested in or unable to pursue university-level STEM programs. That said, I agree that high schools should first do more to prepare students for the adult world whether it's college prep, vocational training, or basic adult skills for those not sure what they want to do after graduation. That should come first before implementing any sort of feel-good initiatives.


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I suppose it's only a matter of time until the federal government passes laws making all public schools teach this shit. How about we start by making our schools teach SOMETHING, anything useful to begin with before we start adding stupid shit like this to the curriculum?
How about actually teach reading and writing and arithmetic? Hickory stick optional.

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Walt Whitman, Roy Cohn, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, and possibly James Buchanan. And that is just American history.

If we include Europe, then there's Alan Turing, Frederick II, Baron Von Steuben, Rob Halford, Oscar Wilde, Alexander the Great, and Sappho of Lesbos.

Although you're still right about the troons, unless you count cross-dressers to include J. Edgar Hoover and the dude who kicked off Stonewall.

The only historically significant person in history that was most likely a true and honest tranny is Elagabalus, who was considered one of the worst Roman Emperors and helped play a role in the Empire's decline in the Third and Fourth Centuries.

There may have been other figures in history who were affected by gender dysphoria, but they would have been in the closet about it.

If I were to have LGBT studies on the curriculum, it would be as a high school elective and would talk about both the major figures in history who were LGBT (Walt Whitman, Alan Turing, etc.) and the history of the civil rights struggle for the LGBT community in the latter half of the 20th Century.

But I would also talk about the dark side of the LGBT community's history as well, and how these people are historically relevant but not indicative of the LGBT community as a whole (but played a part in the history of its perception)

Examples would include Caligula, Elagabalus, the Marquis De Sade, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Valerie Solanas, and NAMBLA. These people were all horrible human beings, but their crimes did shape the perception of the LGBT community and how harmful that was.
Also I add AIDS epidemic and how gays themselve contributed it’s spread. Sure cover government apathy because it was a gay disease but also gay bathhouses, party and hook up culture, drug use and how biologically men that have intercourse with men are most likely to catch and spread STDs.

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So what, will they learn about when and where Elton John had buttsex? Will there be a Milo BBC curriculum? Will CWC feature?!‽‽

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