I'm a virgin ; what should I do? -

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Ill fix it but you have to pay in tootsie pops and only the flavor I like. Also during I can watch reruns of gunsmoke.

Look do really want to die a virgin? I'm not asking a lot here.


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Enjoy your virginhood; a lot of us look back to those days with longings and nostalgia.

My friend says my oral is lousy. Can you give me some advice?
Group practice is the key. Find a bunch of friends that are near your level. This way you can relax and practice on each other, without being too self-conscious about your performance. Remember, one of the commonest mistakes is to be too aggressive and taking too much time. Ask your partners how they think, use leading questions if necessary; this way the examiner can see you're really communicating, rather than speaking above each others' head.

Opps, I forgot it is called viva exam in your part of the world.
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