I'm Back 11/01/20 -

Diet Coke 4 Life

When I peek, it is in the line of duty.
(incoherent blathering inserted here, please)

Only 8:55? Nice! I don’t have to suffer too long.

0:00 ‘Hey guise! Long time no see.’ No intro, just straight to CuntyLynn. She looks smug as fuck, because her absence brought in the views her daily video barrage couldn’t. The big fucking wound on the side of her face is still present. Gorl. Put some damned makeup on or something.

0:07 ‘How do you film’? In your case, you don’t. Immediate she then goes on about how it is Halloween. Maybe that explains why she’s dressed like a retard. She proclaims she’s dressed as Wednesday Addams, but the neck of her dress/shirt/mumu is completely wrong, her super-high hairline isn’t very reflective of Wednesday’s hair style, her braids start at the wrong point on her head so they don’t fall correctly, and Wednesday Addams doesn’t wear cheap Walmart costume earrings or cheap plastic chockers, AL. DUH. She also doesn’t have a big fucking wound on the side of her face. (Insert also obligatory ‘and she isn’t fat’, but that’s obvious).

0:23 Talks about dressing as Minnie Mouse about a week ago or so because they went to Misty’s place to visit with the Pedofucker and the sister who hates AL like the plague. Now she puts in her dumb video clip. Of her looking like a dumbass with a black dot on her nose, cheap ears on her head, red hoops and shit makeup, etc. We’ve all seen it already. Kind of sad that she’s padding out the video with this material that we’ve already seen, and she still couldn’t make it to 10 minutes. Not that I’m complaining.

1:10 She says that the gloves are too big. Because she had to buy size ‘gargantua’ to fit over her floppy meat mitts, which means the fingers were too long for her. Lolz

1:33 Now finally addressing her absence. Wails that she’s been on YouTube for 8 years, and that’s ‘insane’ or what not. Blathers on and on about how she’s said she’s going to quit before and not logged in for 2 weeks, and this was intentional and the longest break ever.

2:30 ShE nEeDeD tImE tO rEfLeCt On HeR lIfE. She’s been going through a bunch of ‘personal things’ which are not up to her to disclose.


M82V LA.gif

3:08 Says she wasn’t going to talk about it, but she admits that’s stupid and that such a decision was stupid, because without her mentalz. She has nothing to talk about.

3:23 Anxiety, worry, whine whine whine. It could be because you’re a 500+ pound buttermuffin who’s looking at 600 like a goal rather than a warning of impending death.

3:27 ‘I went through a point where I gave up on myself. This month has felt so long but so short all at the same time.’ Gorl, you gave up on yourself 300 pounds before. Dummy.

4:00 Once again, her DMs are flooded with well-wishes and people who kiss her shelf-ass and pat it all day long, apparently. But her community page on YouTube is filled with ‘disgusting’ people. Otherwise known as those who see the truth of AL, the grifting lying manipulative Narc fuckwaffle. ‘I will never be here for those people.’ No, but they’re the ones giving you views, and you know it.

4:08 ‘I’m here for my supporters.’ What, all three of them plus your sock accounts? lolz Keep lying to yourself.

4:17 Warbles about how if she worked a normal job she wouldn’t be able to be gone for a month. Bitch, you know you can’t be gone for extended breaks in the bathroom daily without getting fire. How about you fire another ‘no shit’ at the crowd?

4:25 And now she’s singing the praises of all these platforms (TikTok, for example) that let you be a flat lazy slob and not work and still pull in views because freak shows were canx decades ago and people have to get their oddities fix somehow.

5:00 So now she’s explaining that since she’s her own boss, she decided this last month was the perfect time to ‘do me, be me, figure me out, because in the beginning of October I felt myself drifting away.’ Says she feels much better now. Nah, we all know it was ‘haydurs’ and shit.

5:41 Says that nothing’s changed. Except her bank account, obviously, otherwise she wouldn’t be back.

5:58 She’s not going to give us any explanation. Because fuck you.

6:15 Professes she’s changed so much mentally since coming to Lexington and living alone with Becky. I don’t know if she intended to blame Becky for her anxiety breakdown and her mentalz decaying into a proverbial shitstorm. LOLOL

6:42 Pardon, my internet is dying as AL talks about how she’s changed so much from when she was with ‘my ex Krystal or when I was with my ex Destiny.’ Once again, that longing look on her face when she mentions her favorite sped.

7:12 Rambles on about how she’s changed. Realizes she’s rambling. I have just noticed that her eye sockets look bruised hard along the crease of the eyelids.

7:37 She has finally gotten a ring light, and she’s using that. Explains why she looks like utter shit, washed out as fuck. Also, I’m now noticing that the $6,000 bed is made and mostly cleaned off with the exception of some Torrid sweater laid out on it and Rarity using said Torrid sweater as a comfy blanket to lay on. Guessing that’s permanently there to protect the white comforter from her fur.

7:55 Well, she now proclaims she can’t see herself using the ring light while she’s vlogging because it’s huge and bulky. Meaning she’s never going to use it again, even though she says ‘when I feel it can be used, totes going to use it.’ It’s probably going to go the way of her HD camera.

8:20 ‘I’ve missed you guys, I love you guys, thank you for contacting me and asking if I’m okay. I am okay.’ Then she waffles on more about her mentalz.

8:50 Says she’s going to end her shit. Does her retarded kiss outro. Looks smug as fuck.

tl;dr/dw: SmugfuckLynn has returned. Pay her, bitches.
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Lucille's Brands

Damn it, the reaction channel I follow was right - she came back for Halloween. Fucked that up by a day, all the same.
She went through personal things, mental issues, and has been sad, worried. She admitted to reading the comments on the community post.
She needs to be me, and do me. Think about what she needs going forward.
Fuck me, the self involvement and inward focus are off the charts.
Little to no acknowledgment, thanks or anything for the supporters or fans.
Standout quote -
'In the mist of me figuring things out..'
She's got a ring light, and she absolutely hates it. Pretty sure she shelled out big bucks before for a camera she never read the instructions/ used. So, welcome to the 6k bed, your new home, ring light.
Much ado about nothing, really.
Edit Diet Coke for life has a far superior take on the video. Apologies, I'd a major buzz on..
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