I'm Back 11/01/20 -


She says that something was really bothering her at the beginning of October, but even now she just couldn't tell you what it was. In my opinion this is the linchpin to all of Amber's problems: she's totally disconnected from her feelings and her body. Instead of addressing things head on, figuring out what's going on, and doing something about it---whether it be emotional difficulties or god knows how many physical ailments---she just looks the other way. Covers it with food. Hides from it. It's a great way to never resolve, or even begin to resolve your problems.


Even smiling makes my face ache
Where do you even buy a 6XL Wednesday Addams cosplay outfit?
She bought that shirt from Hot Topic months ago. Never mentioned anything about it being for Halloween. I imagine Amber looked in the mirror and asked Becky if she totally looks like Wednesday and Becky grumbled “uh-huh” while playing her Tony Hawk game.


It would mess up my metabolism
That was pathetic...I hate when she goes on and on about transforming, becoming enlightened or ever evolving when in true reality she sits and eats all day in the apartment. You can visibly look at her and tell she doesn't ever self reflect or think about herself or her life its just consuming and grocery shopping.

Shes just such a different person now ya'll!

death of chans

You're Here Forever...
God, she looks dead inside.
This is so boring "I need time/I haven't taken this much time off before" forever and ever.
"I have had a lot of just mental, issues, problems..."
"people are disgusting and vicious, and I'm not here for those people."
Amber talks about current year jobs...
"me, me, me, me, me" - Basically Amber.
Becky hasn't escaped the fagpartment yet.
Another inspirational cancer story...
"I feel like I have changed so much mentally and the way that I handle things and go about things is so completely different than how I used to be." - Amber "lyin'" Reia
"I know that I'll never be perfect, but also know that I'll never make mistakes that I've never made in the past" - Amber, shortly before ordering more fried garbage on grubhub.
She's trying to make a professional vlog setup with a ring light.
Even though it just shows how haggard she looks...

Thumb Dumpster

One thing I can count on with Amber is that she knows how to talk a lot without saying anything of any substance or consequence.
It was virtually 9 minutes of vague sadding, her saying because she's her own boss she can take long mentulz breaks and that "I thought hard about where I'm going" bler bler.

This will amount to nothing, because like the contents of the baby diaper that is her mouth spilling out into her microphone she is as deep as a cup of tea and most likely she had some sort of basic epiphany 14 year old girls have like: "You don't need babies to be happy" or whatever and it snapped the dental floss holding her brain together.

If she's wondering what's wrong, perhaps it's something to do with the fact that humans shouldn't sit around in the house doing fuck all because it makes you feel like shit. Alternatively it might be because you're the size of a small country and that also makes people feel like shit. Oh wait, maybe it's because you are in a loveless relationship with a walking thumb who doesn't even sleep in the same bed as you as that would also make you feel like shit.

However, all of these screamingly obvious things will have flown over her head like always and we'll be back in the same cycle with her taking these little "vacations" to deal with the eternal frustration of colouring outside of the lines accidentally or something.


I swear Amber plans these “breakdowns” to make it appear like she has an exciting life and so she can claim she’s a totally new person because she didn’t upload for 3 whole weeks. Only a changed person would dare to be offline for weeks, don’t ya know.