I'm Back 11/01/20 -


What a waste of time. She is still fat and retarded. She pretty much already speeled the beens and said she took a mentalz break before this and still just has a very vague non answer to her absence.

My farmers, I think its time to put this cow to rest. Amber is so fucking boring and frustratingly vapid and self absorbed. Almost every video recently is the same routine. Any lulz she once had have long since dried up and now she's just a super boring fat bitch who does literally nothing.

Logical Fallacies

Anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
This was a vague and shallow video by a vague and shallow person with no ability to self-reflect who burries every feeling under tons of food. She totally lacks any real desire to examine her emotions beyond the point of how she can get sympathy form other people with her MENTALZ. I am sure she is unable to name how she feels besides hungry, bored, tired, in pain and euphoric/high from eating or spending money.

Kay's Boiled Beef

Well I think I have finally been able to lose all interest in her. She was so obnoxiously boring in this video my soul hurts. She will never change (not to say I ever thought she would). She can't even keep the drama going which is her only draw for viewership. I will check the posts for her next health issue, becky breaking up or whatever will actually be interesting, but checking in on her with any sort of regularity will end for me with this video. She deserves 0 attention and I hope I can play my part in her being forgotten so that the milk may flow once more. Smug cuntlynn needs to crash to reality at this point.


So just over 8 minutes of playing the victim, blaming her audience for not realizing that she has changed and to stop messing with her mentals and sketchy reasons why she couldn't even be bothered to let her fans know where she was, even though she was reading their comments. And she just happened to feel much better when she realized that if she didn't start making vlogs again she wouldn't have enough money to spend on cheap christmas decorations this year. What a load of shit, she deserves no views, no subscribers.

Lucille's Brands

Did anyone get ads? There were 4 yellow ticks but none of them played. I’ve seen a couple comments saying people didn’t get any midroll or banner ads. Curious...
Three mid roll yellow markers, one end roll. First triggered a skippable double ad, no other ads.
I did watch this video already, and have noticed rewatching doesn't throw up ads in general.
I went into a new browser, not signed into YouTube, and got no yellow markers, and not one ad came up.


I do and I usually keep it on unless it’s someone I specifically want to support. I turned it off to see what was going on with her monetization considering all the speculation and rumors when she wasn’t uploading.

could she have turned off ads on her old videos for awhile so people would start this rumor? then people turn off ad-block and actually watch her ads. I don't think she is that smart but since it involves food money she might think of something like that.

Fandom Trash

Will dance for candy corns
When she brought that Addams costume, weren't people talking about how velvet would be super unflattering and terrible on her body? I'm guessing that was why she didn't want to show us the whole outfit because it was clinging onto her skin tighter than a tick on a dog. Hence why she was sitting for her video.

Lame; she's not Wednesday Addams, she's Wednesday-Thursday Addams.

Borbie Dahl

Among Which!
Anyone else having dejavu?
Holy crap! It never ends with this idiot. Thing I don’t get is, amber uploads on average like a month behind. She’s got a huge pool of footage to upload. She’s not out here filming to get content to be able to upload tonight. That content is just sitting there, en masse, waiting for some mouse clicks... there’s zero reason why amber can’t ‘take her break’ & also keep uploading content... this was nothing more than “everyone pay attention to me”. Gross

Very Honest Content

(Formerly a) Niggo(?)
She looks like she gained marginally, video sounds like it's not worth a watch so no watch since no laygs. Now for the real fun, did Amber not post to youtube for three weeks due to:
a) Case of COVID-19
b) Literal food induced coma
c) Romantic getaway with the thumb butler
d) All of the above
e) Victimlynn master plan to generate sympathy

Regardless of what the real answer is, Chantal was right all along, that's the worst part of this whole ordeal. Well that and the costume of five Wednesday Addams' stacked inside each other like Russian nesting dolls.

Turd Fergusson

51k views after 15 hours, not the "millions" of views that Amber would have expected after being away for 3 weeks and people begging for her to be back.

Pure speculation but what the next video will be on?

1. Her reading of Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs du Mal" and its influence in present Kentucky Appalachian culture.

2. Her baking of a Polish Babka cake using a pre-WWI recipe.

3. Her creation of a new channel aimed at the North Rhine-Westphalia area of Germany and where she will speak only in German.

4. Huge Christmas haul and hot sauce taste test.

Is she back on the M-W-F schedule?