I'm Back 11/01/20 -


Didn't even realize she was dressed up.

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Well I think I have finally been able to lose all interest in her. She was so obnoxiously boring in this video my soul hurts. She will never change (not to say I ever thought she would). She can't even keep the drama going which is her only draw for viewership. I will check the posts for her next health issue, becky breaking up or whatever will actually be interesting, but checking in on her with any sort of regularity will end for me with this video. She deserves 0 attention and I hope I can play my part in her being forgotten so that the milk may flow once more. Smug cuntlynn needs to crash to reality at this point.
Yep, same here, last lingering bit of interest now gone.
All that time away, and the best she could come up with was to talk in a vague manner for 8 mins.
What an absolute anti climax. Last time I get YouTube blue balled by her. Over to the Foodie train wreck for me..


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What a waste of time. She is still fat and retarded. She pretty much already speeled the beens and said she took a mentalz break before this and still just has a very vague non answer to her absence.

My farmers, I think its time to put this cow to rest. Amber is so fucking boring and frustratingly vapid and self absorbed. Almost every video recently is the same routine. Any lulz she once had have long since dried up and now she's just a super boring fat bitch who does literally nothing.
Is it time to get the stunner, the gun, and the meat grinder?


I was like - whuuuuut???
Holy crap! It never ends with this idiot. Thing I don’t get is, amber uploads on average like a month behind. She’s got a huge pool of footage to upload. She’s not out here filming to get content to be able to upload tonight. That content is just sitting there, en masse, waiting for some mouse clicks... there’s zero reason why amber can’t ‘take her break’ & also keep uploading content... this was nothing more than “everyone pay attention to me”. Gross

I'd agree with most of this....she absolutely could schedule all her mindless boring drivel to upload for a month, and sit back and wallow in the orange chicken - only trouble being there is no way on God's green Earth that Albert could refrain from deleting comments and 'clapping back' (badly) as herself or her socks so not much of a 'break' I suppose...

What room is she in? I don't recognized the bed / bed spread or the bedside table. Is she in a new place or did she finally clean that bedroom of her hoard?

Well we know how much gorl loves to spend and she's been gone a month, so....maybe new? Does look slightly cleaner though

Do you guys think she got the reaction she wanted?

If she was expecting a tsunami of views and upvotes because the queen is back on her YouTube throne, I'm guessing the answer is 'no'

Maybe they have broken up and Amber has had to move into the other room so Becky can be in the "guest" room alone.

She certainly seems to be 'hinting' there may be trouble in paradise with her 'I've been going through something personal but it's not my place to disclose' (like that ever fucking stopped you, you bloody heifer)

All that time away, and the best she could come up with was to talk in a vague manner for 8 mins.

What an absolute anti climax. Last time I get YouTube blue balled by her. Over to the Foodie train wreck for me..

I think, looking at her view count, it's possible she overplayed her hand with this one...not that it's something she would understand as she never sticks to anything bar gaining weight, but they do say it takes 30 days to break a habit/form a new one and she's been away that long...not even bothered to keep interest going with stupid snaps or tweets - I think a lot of viewers have probably drifted off to other cows who are more reliable (and interesting)

I'd honestly rather watch paint dry while removing my fingers with a rusty spoon than sit through most of her mind-numbing 'content'


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Ugh how does this bitch manage to be so insufferably boring yet so insufferably smug, all at the same time???

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It's her special Amber-brand of "charm".
When she brought that Addams costume
Technically it's just a regular dress from Hot Topic.
What room is she in? I don't recognized the bed / bed spread or the bedside table. Is she in a new place or did she finally clean that bedroom of her hoard?
That's "their" bedroom. Or the new "guest" room. In reality Becky probably sleeps in her room and Amber sleeps on the couch. That bed looks too well made to be something either of them will sleep in regularly. This might actually be a smart ploy on her part, people who don't know anything about her will think she actually has a tidy room.
Is she back on the M-W-F schedule?
She didn't say, and really, it wouldn't matter if she did. She never sticks to any schedule.


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“The elephant in the room- no pun intended.” - I think that’s the funniest thing she’s ever said that wasn’t a “laugh at her not with her” statement. Although, I’m still laughing at her, but regardless.
Sorry if someone else already pointed this out.

Her talking about how much she has changed this year while displaying all the exact same delusional, smug narc behaviours and repeating the exact same cope phrases she always has. Perfect. I’d say, “never change, Hamber”, but we can all see via this upload that her changing will never be of concern. Deathfat lolcow for life. During these uncertain times, at least we can always rely on the laughs from Hamber for being a dumb, fat bitch. :semperfidelis:
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it's too early for christmas you holly jolly fucks
Now when she says she stayed off of social media obviously she avoided posting but did she refrain from reading and watching "Amberverse" stuff? I doubt it. Her internet persona is her life. I can't ever imagine her closing twitter for a week to read a book or something. So it wouldn't really be a break from social media, a break from drama or even a break from attention. Just a break from effort.

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I think she believed that because she'd been gone for so long, everyone would just be thrilled that she was back and the comments would be filled with praise at her triumphant return, but like pretty much everyone else has already said, this video was so fucking boring..even more so than usual. Just her rambling on and on about nothing.

Her problem...well, one of her many problems, is that in her arrogance, she wants to feel "above" her viewers, and one of the ways she tries to do this to act as if she has a very interesting life with many complex problems, but they are private and nobody else's business. She thinks that makes her come across as intriguing and mysterious, but it really just results in excruciating dullness where she hints at why she'd been gone and what has been happening in her life, but then says that she really cant talk about it and she repeats the same thing, over and over again for 8 minutes.
The only remotely entertaining part was when she had claimed she'd changed sooo much. I figured that had to be part of a comedy routine because she couldn't be serious...Then I remembered what a smug, narcissist she is and that she's totally serious. She really thinks she lives her life totally differently than she did in the past? If you asked her how she's changed though, I'm sure she wouldn't be able to come up with a real answer. She'd just tell you that she doesnt have to prove herself to anyone and if you couldn't see how different she is, that's your problem not hers.

The only things that have actually changed about her since she began on youtube is her address, her roomate and her status as a person with reproductive organs.

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