I'm Back and I'm Scared (01/18/2020) -


She doesn't have tonsillitis anymore because that's how long Google said it takes to cure

And she's fucking scared to do the only thing people give a shit about her, great job, Amber, time for weekly Torrid hauls and daily Walmart hauls boo boo

Oh, and when is she actually gonna do something instead of talking about what she wants to do? That's all she's done so far this year and shit on people telling her what to do.

Edit: It's hilarious to think that the only reason she probably lost some weight was because she was sick for 2 months now

Erins Wifey

What cereal is that?
So, she just told us about not wanting to be held accountable for weight loss(gain) goals for nearly 17 minutes. We were also told that she can do this by herself. Sounds about right. Anyone getting help with any type of addictive behavior gets better by themselves. Otherwise, groups to help each other, where you would remain anonymous and be absolved of any judgement, would exist. Sure glad we just do it on our own!! She also spoke of being so sick that she couldn’t leave her bed for 11 days, but didn’t say she couldn’t eat much (like normal people would). She had to eat, or she would wither away into a pile of torrid tents. If she has lost any substantial amount of weight, we would know. Does she think we are all Kentucky caliber?? And, I’m not sure if she actually forgets all the lies she tells, or if she thinks we forget...... if you’re here, Amber, WE REMEMBER!!
Edit...wanted to remind everyone that the Apple Watch has yet to make an appearance. Must still be charging.


You should see my scars
No, you absolute moron, you don’t have to share jack shit. You are the one who created a YouTube channel which is now your only possible source of income. You have no skills and no one is going to hire you. You are the one who gained over 200 pounds on an already obese frame while laughing and joking about what you eat, ignoring doctors orders, and quitting every diet within a week. You did this to yourself. Now reap the benefits. Show us your layggs for views, create some drama, show us the scale, or get off YouTube completely and stop whining. /MOTI