I'm Back and I'm Scared (01/18/2020) -

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I'm so fucking relieved that it isn't possible to smell an image through the internet because gorl looks like she absolutely reeks. Ugh.

She's really butthurt over the like/dislike ratio in the last few vlogs so she's turning on the drama to try and gain sympathy. I think she probably lost a minimal amount of weight (maybe 20) in November but has since gained it back and is now trying to do damage control via gaslighting the fuck out of everyone and everything.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
"Ive never wanted this so badly"

Goes to chili's and eats 4000 calories worth of pasta and appetizers after telling yt that eating out triggers her to overeat.

No one cares amber we know what your doing. You are eating at the buffet still and eating places on the weekend with D&D. If you have lost anything it's because you have been sick for 3 months and Becky's driving abilities have been restricting you somewhat. Judging off the comments, you are losing the audiences interest because all you have done 2020 is sit babble bullshit.

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I just had a quick look at that upload. She's running roughly a 4:1 dislike to like ratio. A speed read through a hefty chunk of her comments show that nobody is buying the shit she's selling anymore. I have a look once in a while & don't think I've ever seen that few positive or even neutral comments. Everybody is calling her on her shit.


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Amberlynn: you can't compare me to other people!
Also Amberlynn: other YouTubers do it tooooo! You're damaging me by commenting!

This cow is producing powdered tard cum. Boring. Did you know she's been on YT for six years? She'd like to mention it.
You can mix powdered tard cum with water to feed stray kittens.

hahaha her sick video had her addressing people giving her shit because she "doesn't read the comments"
doubledownlynn surs has been making a lot of appearances lately

"It was a rocky road"

lol fat
i see ben&jerrys in her near future
Ben&Jerrys drowned in malk.

Oh, joy.... the woman who monetized gaining 200 pounds in six years and has become such a spectacle in this weird niche weight gain community is going to lecture me on how to navigate social media and losing weight, lol. This same woman who says she doesn’t need accountability because she (literally, like literally) says she knows more than a medical doctor who has dedicated an entire practice and career out of weight loss. I mean, fair point if an actual fucking doctor can’t give her accountability what can YouTube offer? Amberlynn weaseling her way out of yet another commitment she set up for herself. Let’s be honest here - she probably lost 20-ish pounds and is considering this some kind of “success” like bro at 600 pounds that ain’t shit for weight loss. You probably loss 20 pounds switching to diet instead of regular soda. But as we know - our girl will forever run these cycles until she’s dead. I can’t wait until we get the eventual ER vlog that will spice things up. Cause chatting videos are boring af. Esp when she’s already given this lecture like 10 times.
She’s always drank diet soda. She probably drinks that Crystal Light crap.

Jesus mother of mary her hair
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Her liver probably looks like Amy’s as well.

Ah classic abusive narc behavior. " Nu uh guys I actually OVERSHARE everything". Her gaslighting of the audience is funny and pretty pathetic, shes not very good at it. Saying its her haydurs fault she can''t lose weight, Whatever same boring shit of her blaming everything else but her. WE already know shes never ever going to lose weight and is going to die with no one giving a fuck about her.
Bitch just post some mukbangs

I bet you any amount of dongs that Ricky smokes a shit ton of pot though. Probably the only way he deal with their shit
Ricky should be careful; don’t want him getting stuck on Mars.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
About a quarter of Fatty's viewers support her.

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The ratio remains roughly the same this evening.

Narcissists go totally insane when people just flat-out don't believe them. It can be pretty hilarious when you're not close enough to catch a flailing punch or two. She's been alternating between contrived contempt and sniveling victimhood for a while in an attempt to dismiss her detractors but even her fans aren't buying it anymore.

Yeah, this video was boring and more of the same in a lot of ways, but I think it's interesting in that it's (yet another) new low for her. That tiny mind full of maggots on trains is breaking up like an iceberg in Australia.

And the best part is she's still too stupid and narcissistic to admit it to herself, so she'll be recording her entire descent into complete lunacy without realizing it. And meanwhile, she's still fat and dying and any emotional discomfort that does break through into her empty head will be medicated with Burger King and Ben & Jerry's. She's the perfect self-defeating basket case.
The newb shine wore off WAY quicker this time around than in years past. People turned, fast.

I've said that for ages now. All she needs to do is step on the scale and prove us haydurs wrong. Asspats aplenty would pour in. But she can't because she blew way past that mythical 572.4 a long time ago and there's zero to little chance she'll see that number again.

The only way she'll do a weigh in is if she miraculously gets below that number. Or somehow decides to come clean and admit to the 600 mark.

Better chance of me winning the Powerball jackpot than her admitting it.
As have I - her "logic", such as it is, makes no sense at all, just like her "this is not a weight loss channel, let me blather on endlessly about my weight" makes no sense. If she's "scared" of people not believing her, she could stay out of her comments or disable them. Since she is a complete narcissist, neither of those are things she will do.

The two big balls in her throat, as she described them, are lymph nodes. Which she should know if she actually ever had tonsillitis. Which I have suspected, since the beginning, she was lying about. I kept my opinion to myself because I knew I wouldn't be able to say it without PL-ing, but fuck it.

Why lie about something so stupid thou- oh, wait, nevermind...
I had my suspicions, and I'm glad others were as skeptical (although lezbereal, it isn't hard to be skeptical about any of the words that comes out of that fat hole in her face).

PL a little. I own a certified scale that registers to 2500 lbs. Used in big game fishing tournaments.

Only problem for Hamber is she'd have to be hog-tied at the ankles and hanging upside down like a marlin for true tournament weight.
That would be quality content and I would even watch ads in that video.

So, she's wildly inconsistent, as usual, that she isn't going to post weigh ins, but then she might show them, but she's not going to show what she eats, but hey, there might be a mook-bong and so on and on for a rambly 17 minutes. She also waddled into her comments to tell someone they must have misheard her about these things. Her narcissism won't allow her to just take that constructive criticism she whined she would take back during the WL doctor period. Someone said it's like watching a pathological liar dissemble in real time (or almost real time). I can't decide if it's that or just the narc thing. I suppose it could be bolth.

ETA: I see the Apple watch is still MIA

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The Apple Watch is NOT MIA, you Haydur! Did you forget she's been sick? She's had tonsillitis & it was like swallowing glass & it was AWFUL, (add in your favourite hysterical teen over the top superlative here), &... and she finally admitted to having spent 11 days completely on her arse doing squat. Unless she reprogrammed her Apple Watch to count the number of times she swallows when she's stuffing; pointless for her to wear it. Her daily steps are possibly numbered in the very low hundreds at this point - who needs an Apple Watch for that?

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Are there even scales that go that high in weight or would she have to go to a junkyard and use their scale?
Both the scales she has go to something like 750lbs. The Slatons were weighed there for fun and drama only.
If you have lost anything it's because you have been sick for 3 months and Becky's driving abilities have been restricting you somewhat.
100%, no more no less. The food has simply not been as available and perhaps not as easy to eat at times.
She's running roughly a 4:1 dislike to like ratio
I don't think that makes any difference to her monetisation. It's a form of engagement which is still a plus, but I think it can fuck her up for being recommended, that is all. Her word of mouth recommendations are so high that makes up for it.

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ETA: I see the Apple watch is still MIA
Her daily steps are possibly numbered in the very low hundreds at this point
that cold ass data can't be gaslit or manipulated, so her narc sensibilities probably can't stand the sight of her own truth. same reason I feel like her saying in her last video she "obsessively weighs daily" is a wide load lah. if she ever does make an ounce of progress though :optimistic: you can bet were going to get them juicy apple stats shoved up our asses umpteen times per vid.

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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
I hate myself.

Contradictions galore in this bullshit, but that's expected from Amberlynn "this is not a weight loss channel, assholes, but let me tell you all about my weight loss journey" Reid. Goddamn.

Word counts:
"Need no more", courtesy of WriterLynn/GrammarLynn: 1
Actually: 2
Fake crying spots, courtesy of SympathyLynn: 2
Promise/honestly: 2
Compare: 3
Doesn't/"Works for me", courtesy of DeniaLynn: 3
Other YTers/people: 5
Liiiduuurally: 6
Me/my/mine: 6
Afraid/scared: 9
Accountable/accountability: 11
Journey: 13
Overshare/share/sharing: 16
Weighin/Weight(loss): 21
Like: 108


My human and I talk shit about you
January is apparently a slow month for Adsense earnings (it's also the month when the big Vlogmas payment comes in). So why get up, or brush her hair when she can blue-ball her viewers for body shots and weigh-ins in a better-paying Adsense month (presumably Feb)? This lazy and deliberately restrictive shit she's doing now just creates tension and pisses people off, and it takes no effort on her part at all. I don't know why anyone believes her actual words (which, in this video, contradict themselves between the start and end anyway) and think she's actually on the back foot, scared, broke or anything else. Amber would certainly like her growing sub base to bend more towards her will, but she has many ways of getting them to do that. Making viewers sit out the month of January listening to claptrap about unspecified "journeys" is one of them. We will see body shots and weigh-ins when it pays to do them and not before. Amber doesn't bounce off the walls reactively like Chantal, she's looking at the numbers first and getting pissy in her free time on platforms like insta, where it doesn't affect her revenue stream. She's a base manipulator and right now she's withholding since that's about the only card she can play to get the huns back in her hand. The withholding doesn't cost her channel since it's a potentially slow month and she's still putting out just enough content.
She has been giving her audience the patented narc silent treatment by withholding videos. That is one of the standard weapons in the narcissistic tool kit.

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Al's cycle is right on track. I happened to rewatch one of her vids from almost a year ago and she could have lidurally swapped out this vid with yesterday's and almost no one would notice. Over the course of a year nearly nothing has changed with our Grande Dame of Dieting.
  • She went to ER for a bladder infection, but is feeling much better now
  • Sit-down Torrid Haul of clothes she'll never wear
  • Mentions a vague but mysterious "appointment" she has to go to, but isn't going to share with us.
  • Sassily insists she's not going to share her weight anymore because the haydurs are assholes
Our girl taste-tests some ahmazeeeen Weight Watchers chips she ordered in bulk online, but shockingly we never again see her eating them, so I'm guessing after making a big show of loveeen them for the camera, she sent her Thumbservant out for a family-sized bag of Lays and all those "hulthy" WW chips are currently residing somewhere in her hoard underneath 100 expired Optavia packets (earmarked for the food bank- aka Dana), a thousand hair scrunchies, her grock pot and that one pair of unforgiving zippered pants our girl ordered from Torrid but "kept forgetting" to try on.
The only discernable difference in a year's span is that Big Al's eyebrows hadn't fully evacuated her face yet.

At any rate, it's kind of a fun look back as a reminder that nothing ever really changes with our princess who perches atop her throne of filthy pillows and points her discolored, bloated finger at all the people she blames for her dismal existence.
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Big bitch has been deleting comments like a motherfucker. All the top (500+ likes) ones are gone, and have been since yesterday.
I have to imagine she thinks that's her way of controlling the narrative. Take that, haydur! <delete> You too, haydur! <delete>

Boo boo gots a sore button pushing beetus finger.