I'm conflicted.... 05/16/20 -


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Amber doesn't sweat. It is more like a damp glistening thing.

I don't know what to do with my channel guize.

Should I bring back Operation CurvyCaloriies guize?

Confirms she is still overeating. Obviously. Not 6000 calories a day guize.

She estimating she is eating 3,000 calories a day. Amber lies.

She is thinking about starting Operation CurvyCaloriies tomorrow.

Am I manic? I'm bipolar guize.

the sink is a whole nother ballgame.

Archive (720p):
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I counted 6 ads in a 15 minute video (:_(
"What makes me happy. . .is filming. What makes me satisfied. . .is filming." She takes so much pride and satisfaction in her YouTube channel that she films herself sitting in front of a wall for 15 minutes. Great job gorl.


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I feel like she's been drinking here. Not saying she's wasted but
If she filmed this after her livestream, chance of being wasted is pretty decent.

She'd quit Operation Curvy Calories before the first video went live. So, just like how she'd already quit Optavia before the unboxing video went live. So, just another day being Amber.

Take heart, gorls. The world can go nuts from the WuFlu, but Amber will always be Amber. She is the one thing we can count on to never change.

As for her estimation that she's eating 3,000 calories per day, she's wrong. She could maintain her dainty 500lbs if she ate 3,500 calories. If she were eating only 3k, she'd still be losing. Since she's gaining, she's eating more than 3,500.
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Pure nonsensical filler. She doesn't know where to go with her channel. Hint: If you no longer know what value you can bring to your job, time to look for another one.

I wonder if she's ever in her life, experienced any moment of genuine happiness? You know, the kind you feel when you're sharing the celebration of a big achievement by a loved one or one of your own or the birth of a much wanted child? Pick any of the big milestone moments. I'm guessing that she hasn't. She talks about wondering if a good day is a manic "fake happy". Hell, with her lack of a meaningful, productive life, I'd settle for fake happy any day. Happy is happy.

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"I have so much support on TikTok"

Because she disabled literally every way someone would possibly be able to interact with her. You can't duet her, you can't leave a comment. People are watching for the morbid spectacle of a middle-age woman swinging her amorphous body around in a vain attempt at following the dance trends. It's nothing more or less than watching a train-wreck. You can do nothing to help, but you can't bring yourself to look away either.


Christ just as I was going to bed this pops up and completely wastes my time. I was hoping this was something filmed today but it is just the same old shit filmed on 6th May - it could be the 6th of May for any year........ Recycilynn - we all know that she has not jut fallen of the wagon but she has fallen off the wagon, rolled down the embankment and into the river and floated out to sea