I'M DOWN 89 POUNDS!!!!! - spoiler alert: she gains it back, 08/09/2020


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I honestly think Becky is so chipper because it seems amber gave her a big sum of money to buy whatever she wants and the takeout drivers have taken a load off of her. She seems to be buying actual garbage every single day and has her own man cave complete with need for speed and black light posters.

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Amber definitely ordered Becky to be more visible. Not too long ago she was fighting comments about how she treats Becky on Twatter.

why on earth did becky get a PS2 when the PS5 is right around the fucking corner? i don't give a shit about video games but even I can see how utterly pointless that is.
Obviously they needed more junk in the apartment.

But for real, the PS5 can't read PS2 discs, it's only backward compatible with the PS4. So if you have older games you want to play, you need the older system.

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She is clearly on Phase 1 of the cycle of futility. This remind me so much of Optavia; all the positive reviews, the new mind sets, the food purchases, the coach (i.e. salesperson), etc. Will it last? Of course not, but everyone can hope. I like seeing Becky/Benny more often now, acting like a 12 year old boy with his toys and buying mommy gifts. It is so endearing.


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why on earth did becky get a PS2 when the PS5 is right around the fucking corner? i don't give a shit about video games but even I can see how utterly pointless that is.
Becky is likely on a mission to recapture a happier time in her life, and the PS2 would put her back in her middle school years.

It's about nostalgia, not game quality.


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Ok, what the fuck is going on with Becky? She's been in videos more in the last 2 weeks then she has been in the last year, or more. On top of that, she's so... chipper. Very talkative and acts as if she never avoided Amber's videos like the plague, refusing to take part in the them basically.
It reeks of overcompensation. Becky has suffered some horrible losses simultaneously, along with obvious massive weight gain and all this after a year of her moping around looking like a zombie. This can't be natural, unless Becky really hated her mom or something and is glad she's finally gone, which I guess is possible with these white trash. It only makes me thinks there's more chance she'll blow her brains out since she's stuck as Amber's slave.

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Nope. Not buying it. She looking fucking massive. Easily over 500 pounds. Bitch tares the scale.
The only time I'd believe her weigh-in is in a doctors office with video proof.
Agree! Her face is lookeeeen more "swollen" here.

I always laugh when she proclaims to be "not sponsored" because you know she's trying to give a nudge in hopes of being sponsored. R.I.P. The Coldest Water Bottle. You couldn't score her a sponsorship, so you were rendered useless & tossed aside to collect dust...
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See, the difference is, before she lost 89lbs and was down to 331, which she prided herself on for years until it became a meme.
Now she's met that goal again and is expecting asspats and "omg, you CAN lose weight."
But, Amber being dense Amber, doesn't take into account that losing another "famous" 89lbs, still leaves her almost 400lbs overweight and still 150lbs from her LOWEST weight of 331lbs.
If she wants true praise, she needs to reach below 330lbs to weigh less than she has in a decade.
Also, conveniently not acknowledging that it's taken her a year to do this. If she was on a PROPER restrictive diet, 89lbs would've melted off in 8 weeks, not ten fucking months.

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I'm getting the growing suspicion that our Gorl is using one of those Chinese apps that can alter your appearance in a video... one that's pretty popular is the free app Snow. My clue is the app makes your eyes super sparkly and cute and slightly bigger. As I said, it's free so you can test it out for yourself and compare with her most recent videos, if youre feeling particularly autistic and investigative (looks super jarring in the dino tshirt rant vid)

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This new Becky is weirding me out. This new Beckster was a total blindside to the one I thought we’d get.

There has to be something more than handling grief in a certain way, etc. I mean look at how she was about her nephew for so many years.

My theory is Becky is going to transition? I know it sounds out there but everyone is saying that she’s morphing into Destiny. I don’t agree because it seems like Becky is free now to do a transition since Norma would have never let that happen.