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I mean even fucking Moot Sold the stuff, even if Kiwi goes down the drain atleast Null can get something for new start out of it.

I literally have it on record from Null that im the user he hates the most And i still dont have my posting restricted. What did you do ?
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An A.I designed to embody the single most autistic being to ever exist. An apex predator designed to prey on those who dare to give him even a second of their day. May god have mercy on those who dare to stand in its path.


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Hey @Null

I’ve been part of this site for kinda a while, I remember What If, Deagle Nation, and when we weren’t the Kiwi Farms. We had some great times.

Honestly, if you want to nuke the site, do it. Give us a 60 day warning, or do it tomorrow, as long as it’s what you want to do.
You’ve been the one person running this site and to be honest, I wouldn’t trust any user here who says “I’ll take over.” I want this site to start and end with you.
Most of us will be ok without the farms, and the ones who won’t be weren’t ok to begin with. You’re not our therapist, we’re not your problem.

Something I’ve learned over the years is mental health is the most important thing in your life. About 4 years ago I left my job as a lab tech (I think I mentioned I worked in a lab when I was more active.) The pay was good, the benefits were great, but I was depressed, like real depression. I stress ate and gained 50 pounds, I slept 12-14 hour days, there were mournings where I would cry, not because of anything specific, I would just cry. When I finally realized that that job was making me that way, I left. I fucking delivered food at half the pay just to have another job, just to get out.
Life is better today, I got married about 2 years ago and I’m at a job I actually enjoy. I have never regretted bailing on that job. If you’re seriously this miserable from running this site, I’d recommend bailing as well.

Seriously ask yourself what you want to be doing in ten years, do you want to be here with a new member base as you see the old members leave, do you really think this site will ever become some shining beacon of free speech survival, is it worth what you’ve been going through?

Burn it all down, or don’t. I’ll support your decision either way. But I don’t want to hear about your suicide on TMZ or some shit.
it's been a tight competition so far but you have just pulled well ahead of the rest in terms of "gayest post in this faggot thread"

fuzakeru na

I honestly don't blame @Null.I can't imagine the shit he has to put up with on here
is it time to give Null his own lolcow thread as he descents into full blown retardation? how can he have a family when he's on record saying he cant cum and gets no feeling out of sex? LOL
he would have to adopt or take a woman that has a child already making him a complete cuck

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I honestly don't blame @Null. He's put everything into this site and when its very existence is threatened, the spergs who take advantage of the free speech of this site are totally okay with its existence going down to stick it to Twitter. I can't imagine the shit he has to put up with on here
I don't even get why they would want that. If Twitter was sent down, then we no longer have Twitter-spergs to make fun of, or even a place to do it. Just a complete loss.

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Something something..... "College kids are passionately misguided"

Something something.... "The youth think they have the answers to complex, generational problems"

Shits all fine and dandy until you get your first taste of existential awareness and realize all you've done will be swept away by the tide with nothing to show for it.

Crap on boomers, gen-x all you want.... they all had the same passion when they were 24. Then time did to them what it's done to you, null.

Stripped away their delusion that if they just remain obstinate and TRUE AND HONEST... it will prove to the world that their beliefs and virtues are worthy.

Society is bigger and more diverse than even the most woke cucktard can imagine. We are all homogenized into a pool of width and depth that only becomes apparent when we run out of the stamina of our optimistic youth to tread blindly on its surface in defiance.

But you get props for trying.

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Null we're both dealing with getting older, the world is shit, fun is easily recognizable and often rare these days. I agree the lolcow era is pretty well dead, but it has nothing to do with you or the forum, its the world that changed. You're right that everyone hates right wing, or right leaning or whatever the fuck these days. I hate how whenever I see shit in old media I think "oh man this would never be allowed today" I hate the people who have contributed to that reality, but even I hate people on the right because a lot of them are obnoxious cunts and it seems like the final goal is just racial segregation and being able to say nigger on the internet like you mentioned. One side makes me feel like a dick, and the other asks me to lie to myself and others about made up genders or tell me I have to be sorry about everything.

Life's easy when you're younger, the world hasn't had much time to do its work on you, it's harder to care about one thing or another because you have so many impulses and people grabbing your attention each day. You can feel good about things one day at a time, I don't know how to recapture that feeling as an adult anymore, but I understand how and why you'd feel the way you do. I keep hoping the world's going to change for the better someday, or think about how I'm supposed to be whatever change I want but still haven't managed. Hopefully I, or the world will find a way to change before we're all corpse dust. I support you doing whatever will make you happy, you're the only person who's going to look out for you, so put yourself first.


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I use this site mostly for getting information as archiving is one of the ten commandments here. Things like The Last of Us 2 thread really do a service, even without the user commentary. I can't find the best info on any other site really, so you should probably take a break before making any rash decisions.

It would honestly be a shame to see the site go - I do think the political far right crap is kept for the most part in political threads. I haven't experienced someone scream 1488 on the Jazz Jennings thread yet, but I can keep you posted.

BTW, I hate the tone some posts have in this thread that are basically *tear tear* "You can do what you want Null, I support you, so get rid of the site, my opinion about you won't change!!!"

Fuck off with that shit, TELL HIM and convince him the site is worth keeping around instead of bellying over to get brownie points from him. Be honest and truthful that you want him to keep the site up and don't act like it's something to just throw away, like it had no purpose just because Null is having a bad day.


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come here my sweet prince, you need a hug. the world can feel depressing at times. beeing in eastern europe all the time can break a person, there is a reason why russians and other slavs are always drunk...
ending you hobby/business will not fix the situation, it will only make it worse.

maybe end 9chan if its just full of shit and has no value, that would mean more time to find some small cows that bring you joy.

I like this place and i hope it stays open!


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The worst bit of the internet is seeing the absolute darkness of the human mind and the further depths it can go when poisoned. But @Null, you really are not better off with a family now. The marriage laws in the states are worse than this horrorshow by a factor of three, in fact it is the main reason for veteran suicides, not the having family, but having it destroyed by a greedy woman with the courts all lining up to rip your soul apart. Ask Terrence Popp, he's been there.
People think their soldiers return home to parades. I know better. And it's time you all learn. This is the reason for veteran suicides. Broken families. Broken homes. Children legally kidnapped from their capable fathers due to bitterness and hatred from a failed marriage. When you rip children away from their parents, you commit the soul murder of two human beings: The child who will never know the true fullness of life, and the parent who loses their deepest connection with their kid. This is the definitive director's cut of "Purple Heart's Final Beat," color corrected and improved from its original version with a new introduction. Join the Fight for Equality in Parenting! SecondClassCitizen.org LightcraftEntertainment.com Suicide statistics gathered and verified by CBS. All end statistics were verified and collected by a 20-year combat veteran sergeant in the US Army. Non-public records were used in the gathering of these statistics. The federal government does not acknowledge the true numbers and its own statistics do not include Coast Guard, Reserve or National Guard. The public figure of 4.3% veteran divorce rate released is a cover up by the Pentagon. After all, if the standard rate for the population is 50%, how could there be such a drastic difference? DISCLAIMER: This film is dedicated to the memory of Major Lance Waldorf. It is in no way inspired by his death or in any way based upon his life. It is not the intention of the filmmakers to disrespect his memory, his family or his friends in any way. The sole purpose of this film is to call attention to an epidemic too long ignored.


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I hope you find a work life balance that is more sustainable for you, and/or make the changes to the forum you see fit that brings it more into line with something you can work on as a true passion project again. I love KF and would hate to see it go, but I also understand why you'd be leery to delegate, since examples like OhInternet and SA probably make that seem like a very fucking bad idea. I see you as more similar to moot than anyone, he ran 4chan for years, a smart self-taught guy who got into it young and decided to pack it in around the same age you are now IIRC because it was stressful, expensive, and he was just generally fucking done. People bitched at him and called him a sellout faggot or whatever but they got over it and he scored a pretty sweet tech job afterwards, no idea about his personal life but he seems much happier now. If being associated with the meme diarrhea and Hacker Group Anonymous gayops that came from 4chan didn't harm him, and 4chan didn't change much after he left, I'm sure you could find a way to pass the torch if you chose to. Or create a politisperg section with A&N, Happenings, Deep Thoughts, and General Politics, then jettison all the applicable threads there (Trump Derangement, Canadian politics, serious tranny discussion, etc) and heavily discourage OT politisperging in the actual cow threads, then make it members only. Or make the whole thing members only or even put up a fucking paywall if you want to, maybe member invite system, I don't know just spitballing here. I know growth is usually good and hiding shit plays hell with the SEO you've spent a lot of time on, but it may be worth sacrificing if you want to try and minimize the unproductive spergs divebombing in here to shit everything up and foster a better sense of community, or at least smaller sub-communities in their respective favorite corners of the site. I know you've had your reasons for not taking these steps in the past, and I get it, but it's as you said: People change, their priorities change, and compromising your principles feels shitty even when you have carefully calculated the tradeoff/benefits of your decision. Take care of yourself m8, keep thinking on it, but be sure to take breaks and focus on other more enjoyable things a little bit too. Again, as you said, you can't please everyone, but that is a fact of life, not some type of personal failing. Please keep that in mind whatever you decide to try.
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